Using the My Family Lounge app for Permanent Bookings

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Using the My Family Lounge app for Permanent Bookings 

Logging into your My Family Lounge account​
Understanding the calendar
Marking a Permanent Day as Absent
Cancelling a Permanent Day
Using the calendar​
Using push notifications​



The My Family Lounge app allows you to:

  • Add Casual Days

  • Mark a Permanent Day as Absent

  • Cancel a Permanent Day (If this feature has been enabled for your Service)

If you are looking at making changes for your child's Enrolment details, Contact Details, Enrolment form, Permanent booking requests or accepting Offers you will need to log into the My Family lounge via a web browser.
For further details see: My Family Lounge - Logging onto your account or use this link My Family Lounge.


Logging into your My Family Lounge account

  • Enter your email address and password 

  • Press Sign In

  • Select Sessions from the Menu

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  • Select one of your children's names

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  • If your child is currently booked into multiple rooms you will be asked to select the room

  • You will now be viewing the calendar


Understanding the Calendar

The calendar view is the main view within the Casual App. Your child's booked days and the rooms available days are displayed here

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The Legend view explains each colour displayed on the calendar 

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The Selections view allows you to continue to make selections for other children, services or rooms. Simply press the < and make a selection

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Using the calendar

Marking a Permanent Day as Absent

  • Select the permanent Booking day (blue) on the calendar

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The below screen will then be displayed

  • Check the details of the permanent booking and read the Terms and Conditions

  • Press Mark Absent

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  • A pop-up will display advising the Booking has been successfully marked as Absent

  • Select OK

  • The selected day will change from Permanent (blue) to Absent (orange)

The centre will receive a notification of this booking. No further communication is required


Cancelling a Permanent Day

NOTE: This option is only available if the Service has enabled the cancellation of permanent bookings. For further clarification please contact your Service directly.
This option is also only to remove a one off change to a permanent booking, if the booking is changing permanently a booking request will need to be created see:  QK Enrol - How do parents create a waitlist application?


  • Select your child's booked day (blue)

  • Check the details of the day and read the T's & C's

  • Select Cancel Session

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  • A pop-up will display advising the day has been successfully cancelled

  • Press OK

  • The selected day will now be removed off your child's booking calendar.

The centre will receive a notification of this absence. No further communication is require


Using push notifications


To receive a 'notification' each time a roll becomes available for your child: 

Service Activation:

  • Go to 'Settings>Services>edit

  • Select 'casual bookings'

  • Tick  'send notification to parents when a room becomes available' option to activate the Notification alert

Enabling Push Notifications on a mobile device:

  • Families can download the MFL App on their mobile device

  • To activate Push notification alerts select 'Settings'

  • Turn on 'casual booking availability' to enable this feature

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N.B. Push Notifications will only occur if the service chooses to enable this.




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