Rolls (Centre Options)

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Rolls (Centre Options)


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Show Time In / Out Columns

Displays columns containing the in / out times on the rolls screen to assist with QK Kiosk management

Show Session Times

Displays columns containing the session times on the rolls screen

Show Signed By in / out columns

Displays the signed in / out by columns on the rolls screen (links to QikKids Kiosk)

Show Surcharge Discount Columns

Displays columns containing discounts and surcharges on the rolls screen.

Use Expanded Rolls List

Increases the amount of screen space available to display the rolls list. Enable this if you have a large number of rolls containing only a few attendances each day.

Show Place Limit

Displays the current place limit for each roll.

Show Last Name First

Displays and prints child names in Last Name, First Name order.

This setting is effective for both the rolls screen and sign in / out sheets.

Show User Name

 Displays a column showing the name of the user who has charged/marked the rolls

Show Age Range On Rolls

If you have supplied minimum and maximum ages when setting up the rolls (see Adding and Editing Rolls) ticking this box will display the age range as a separate column in the rolls list.

Enable In / Out time Projections

Displays In and Out columns on the rolls screen.  Allows the user to enter estimated time in / time out for children to assist with rostering

Show Fee ID

Previews the QikKids assigned Fee ID next to the fee code

Show Child Age

Displays a column on the Rolls Screen showing the children's ages

Show Latest CCMS YTD Absence Count

Displays the Current Financial Years Absent Count

Req reason when deleting mark attendances over XX days old

Requires the user to enter a reason for removing an attendance after the selected time frame.




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