Retrieving QikKids Payments and uploading BPAY transactions

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Retrieving QikKids Payments

Prior to completing an Auto-Charge you should ensure all prior payments are finalised

  • Click on Merchant

  • Click on QikKids Gateway 

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  • Enter your username and password

  • If you would like QikKids to automatically generate your Banking Summary tick Auto Create G'way Banking Summaries. You can leave this option unticked if you prefer to manually create your banking summaries for the required dates

  • Click on Connect

  • Once retrieved, QikKids Payment transactions on the receipts screen will change from blue to black 

  • Reversed or cancelled transactions will appear in red


Uploading BPAY transactions

If the centre is using the BPAY option, connecting to the Gateway as above will pull down any BPAY payments already processed through Debit Success.




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