Registered Care Receipts

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Registered Care Receipts

Overview of Registered Care functions in Qikkids

For services that provide approved registered care, Qikkids has implemented a feature to facilitate the need to supply Registered Care Receipts to parents/guardians who are eligible to claim benefits from the Government

Activating Registered Care on your Qikkids Database

This process demonstrates how to activate the registered care functions within a Qikkids Database
  • Go to the Admin screen and open the centre details
  • Click on Enter PRN(s)
  • Click on the New/History button next to the Registered Care section
  • Click on New
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  • Enter the Apply From date, the Approval ID of the Carer and the Carer name
  • You can repeat this step for multiple carers
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Registered Care Roll Set up
  • Go to the Admin screen and open the centre details
  • Edit the roll that will provide registered care
  • Select Registered Care as the Care Type
  • Press OK
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Family Account Setup

  • Go to the Accounts Screen
  • Click on an account
  • Go to the General tab located on the right hand side of the screen 
  • In the Receipt/Acc Slip Runs section untick 'Print Payment' and 'Print Account Slips' and tick 'Print Registered Carer'
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Generating Registered Care Receipts

  • Select the Print Run option on the Accounts Screen
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  1. Selected Families - Account name/s that were selected prior to the print run
  2. All Families - All Families on the Account screen that meet the registered care receipt criteria
  3. Registered Carer Receipts - Type of print run to be completed
  4. OK - Allows the chosen print run choice to be saved
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  1. Start date - Date the receipts will be viewed from
  2. End Date - Date the receipts will be viewed until
  3. OK - Previews the receipts to allow them to be printed
Requirements when printing registered care receipts

       Registered care receipt

Please note: the account must meet certain requirements in order to create a Registered Carer Receipt. Click here for these rules







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