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Receipts Screen

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The receipt screen allows you to edit or delete transactions you have entered and to reprint either individual or multiple receipts. Transactions include any fee payments, account billings or adjustments entered into QikKids.

For ease of use you can sort receipt entries into order by clicking on the different column headings including: Date, Family Name, Transaction Type, Account, Receipt No., Credit, Debit, Paid By, Banked, Gateway Status (which will only show if gateway transactions exist), Created Date and Created By.

For example, clicking on the Date heading will sort the entries by date and clicking on the Families heading will sort the entries alphabetically by family.

You can also search receipts by Family Name or by Transaction Type by choosing from the drop down menus found at the top right hand corner of the receipts list.

For receipts that have been generated for Gateway processing the colour of the receipt will give you information on its status:

  • Blue means that the payment status is pending.
  • Black means that the payment status has been finalised.
  • Red means that it has been cancelled (deleted) or declined.
N.B You may also notice Pending in the "Banked" column, please note that this is only in regard to the payment not being included within a banking summary and is not in regard to the payment status- See the Banking Screen Guide for more information



This allows you to edit a payment transaction. Click on the appropriate receipt and click on the Edit button. Editing a receipt allows you to add notes and, depending on transaction type, edit the pay method.  Editing does not allow you to change the amount or date. If you made a mistake entering a transaction you should delete the transaction and re-enter it.

DO NOT edit the payment method if the transaction is a Gateway Transaction.



You may want to delete a receipt if you made a mistake in entering the transaction. To delete a receipt simply click on the receipt to highlight it and then click on the Delete button. The transaction will stay on the screen but will be in red text. The transaction will be removed off the families account and statement.

Gateway Transaction can only be deleted if they have not begun processing with your chosen financial institution.  Please see Can I delete transactions that have gone to the Gateway?



Will un-delete a deleted transaction.  This will add the transaction back onto the families account and statement.


Show Last

This allows you to view receipts current in the last 7 days, 4 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or to show them all. Choose from the drop down list.


Receipt List

If you would like to print a list of receipts (rather than the individual receipts themselves) click on the List button and enter the date range that you wish to print a list of receipts for.


Tip: This feature can be used to print all receipts for a specific family with in a given date range by selecting the given family from 'All Families' drop down menu at the top.


All Trans's

Allows you to print a receipt list for selected transaction types.

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To reprint or email an individual receipt simply highlight the required receipt and click on the Receipt button in the Print section. This will open the print email dialogue. Tick preferred option and select Print/Email.  If you would like to preview the receipts before printing or sending themclick on the Preview button. (Note if you wish to email them once you have selected the preview option, you will have to close and begin the process again. 


If you would like to print or email a number of receipts hold down the <Ctrl> button on your keyboard while you select those receipts that you want and then click the Receipt button. Once the report of receipts has been built, return to the Receipts screen by closing the report.



  • Finalised - Successful payment eg- Eftpos or successful Gateway payment.
  • Pending GW - Gateway payment still processing - unconfirmed status eg. not successful or declined.
  • Undeleted GW - Is a Gateway receipt that has been deleted and then undeleted.
  • Deleted - Deleted transaction either by user or declined Gateway payment.
  • Paid By- Details the payment method used for the transaction. There are multiple payment methods that can be displayed. CC- Credit Card, DD- Direct Debit, B-CC- Batch Credit Card (Gateway Payment) and B-DD- Batch Direct Debit (Gateway Payment)



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