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This QikKids payments Project Guide provides you with a 'project plan' for implementing the payments at your service/s. This should be used as a guide only to assist you with the roll out process.
We have outlined key stages for you to follow to help you with implementation, and we also offer a FREE onboarding service if you are implementing QikKids payments for your database for the first time. 

First Steps

As a starting point, you should begin by placing your order, we will then contact you to book you in to attend the QikKids Payments training webinar. Once you have attended this webinar, then you are ready to begin set up.

Now let's get started!

Product order & Service activation 

  • Order via QK website 
  • Book in and attend QikKids Payments webinar
  • Arrange a 'service agreement' with our nominated payment provider Debitsuccess 
  • Obtain a parent interface 'Direct Debit form' request
  • Receive welcome email and book in for one on one onboarding session

Service Agreement & Direct Debit Form Request                                                                                                                                                     

Whilst QikKids works in conjunction with our nominated payment provider Debitsuccess, clients will still need to make contact with the 'payment provider' Debitsuccess to finalise their service agreement.
Refer to your order confirmation email for the payment provider details. You will be provided with a 'Direct Debit Request Form' to distribute to your families. 

QikKids Payments Training Materials

QikKids Payments Training is a vital step when using the payments section of QikKids. 
We also recommend any staff using the QikKids Payments to familiarise themselves with the help guides and to refer to back to these guides as an ongoing reference point.

To book in for online training - see below:
Centre Billing Options

Once you have viewed the QikKids Payments Videos and Guides before you book in for your one on one onboarding session, you must consider what billing terms you wish to use at your service/s. Billing can be done in arrears, as at date, or in advance depending on your service/s needs. 

Things to consider:

  • Families can pay their fees as at date or be paid up until end of current week
  • Families who have arranged a payment plan with the service
  • You can schedule families be paid up 1 or 2 weeks in advance (or more) if required
  • You have the ability to allow any of your families to pay Monthly, 4 weekly or Fortnightly where required
  • You have the option to set individual billing days, or set ALL accounts to be billed on set days 
  • Billing payment options are Credit Card, Direct Debit and/or BPAY
  • AMEX transactions will incur a higher fee rate if enabled
  • Please note the 'start date' requested by the family will be day & date the billing will commence
  • The 'start date' will  be the day the payment is deducted from the parents account 

The billing tab help guide will assist you with entering in the billing details for each family. If the start date selected is a Monday and the cycle is weekly with 'balance at end of billing week' as the billing terms
This means the family we will charged every Monday on a weekly basis from the start date.

N.B. If the family owes you fees prior to the nominated billing start date the first auto charge WILL include the amount owing in arrears PLUS take what is owing for current week. Placing a LIMIT in the Billing Tab will cap the amount of money deducted in the first transaction and every transaction after until the LIMIT is removed. You should ensure your 'centre limit' allows for payments over $500 where required.


Creating an Auto Charge

Now that you have attended your webinar, we will be contacting you to schedule your one on one onboarding session to assist you with creating your first auto charge.
Prior to this session you will need to complete setting up the Billing Options in QikKids for all of your families.

If you wish to view the Autocharge process before your session, this help guide will assist with setting up QikKids to run a auto charge effectively at your service/s.

We recommend to follow the below processes:

Running your first auto charge
  • The initial auto-charge should be run prior to the morning of the first debiting day
  • We recommend running a TEST charge before creating the real transactions (a test charge will charge the rolls for the period required)
  • You should aim to run your auto charge on the same day each week or fortnight
  • All past attendances should been retrieved prior to running the auto charge to ensure accurate billing amounts
  • All auto charge results should be uploaded the the Gateway to ensure the payment is processed on the nominated deduction date
  • For more information on how to prepare an auto charge, please refer to this user guide

Running your next auto charge
  • The initial auto-charge batch should be retrieved from the Gateway prior to running the next batch
  • Check receipt list and see if any have declined or been rejected by Gateway
  • You may need to contact the family who's payment declined before charging the account again to ensure funds are available 
  • The next auto charge will process the declined amount and the amount owing for the current charging period
  • You should aim to continue running your auto charge on the same day each week or fortnight
  • Ensure all past attendances have been retrieved prior to running the next auto charge to ensure accurate billing 
  • All auto charge results should be uploaded the the Gateway to ensure the payment is processed on the nominated transaction date

It is highly recommended you attend this one on one onboarding session to assist you with running your first auto charge so we can help you upload the payments to the merchant Gateway, we can also assist with running the next couple of charge cycles until you are comfortable with the whole process.

To contact the National Support Centre please call 1300 367 770 for assistance with any of the above stages.




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