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The QikKids project guide is designed to provide clients with a Project plan for implementing QikKids within a new centre. This should be used as a guide only and not as the only way of implementation.
This guide provides some logical steps for implementation and outlines some things to consider when rolling out the service.

Phase 1 – Service Activation

This is the first obvious step to gain access to the product and have a think about the time line to launch.

Product ordering, service activation and user setup

  • Order via QK website
  • Activation in QK systems 
  • Issuing of the QK Web credentials via client Welcome email 
  • Download QikKids web installer on a desktop and start up

Creation of realistic project plan

Look at a possible time line based on your availability to set up and implement this project plan. Where possible allocate a few weeks to completely set the database up and attend training sessions. A typical plan may be:
  • Step 1: Product Activation, Centre set up and Admin user setup
  • Step 2: Attend basic training and start creating staff Users and family accounts
  • Step 3: Database connected with CCSS and all Users are linked
  • Step 4: Further training on day to day processes and Ongoing Support

Phase 2 - Service Setup

During the set up training the centre details including fee structures and rolls are created. Further steps required:

Centre Setup

Manage Family Accounts

Create staff Users

  • The Administrator may create user logins for all Users. Users may be linked to one or multiple centres. Permissions may vary according to position and accessibility.
  • You can also choose to create user groups e.g. Administration group, managers, area managers etc.
  • You can also choose to Setting Mandatory Passwords for Users in QikKids. This will prompt all Users for the database to set and create a secure password.

Phase 3 – Onboarding

​Basic onboarding which consists of setting up foundations of your QikKids system
  • As a new client of QK Technologies you are offered free one-on-one onboarding sessions through the Sales process. Our friendly team will contact you to book in a convenient time
  • The Administrator should consider booking staff into upcoming free QikKids online sessions. The QikKids training webinars will assist in the day to day use of QikKids and provide you with an understanding of CCSS processes.
Once the Approved Provider receives notification of approval you will need to obtain your CCS Approval details and CCS Start Date. To access this information please log onto the PRODA portal. If you have any Inclusion Support claims, you will need to  contact CCS on 1300 667 276 to request the CCMS Username and Password. Then contact the support team for assistance with the following:
  • Enter in your CCS credentials into the Centre Details 
  • Connect to CCS portal to sync the service credentials
  • Activate Key Personnel (MoC)
  • Created and submit CCS enrolments
  • Assist with initial submission of attendances with times and retrieval of CCS payments
At this point QikKids is fully functioning and already in operation. Complete the final steps to ensure all users and processes run smoothly: If you have any further queries please reach out to any of our Customer Experience Team on 1300 367 770 Monday to Friday or email

Phase 4 – Ongoing Support

Ongoing Training 
  • Attend further training if required, please visit our training hub for all your training needs. 
  • It is advised that all Users attend basic online training to assist with the basic management of the QikKids system 
Advanced Training 

Our QikKids scheduled webinars assist Users with more than just basic training:
  • CCS Training will assist with understanding CCS Enrolments and entitlements, understanding how to set up and process ACCS and ISS claims including generating reports relating to payments
  • Once familiar with the QikKids system, some of your advanced webinars will show you some handy Tip and Tricks which will help to streamline the use of QikKids. 
  • Gateway Training is a must for those centres using the QikKids payments system 

Online Documentation

Training is essential in ensuring you are using QikKids to it's full potential
  • The QikKids Online help guide provide knowledge articles on any topic within QikKids 



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