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Billing Tab Options

This guide is to explain the different billing options you have available within the Billing tab in QikKids for setting up Direct Debit and Credit Card transactions through the Gateway.

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  • Auto: This is a drop down list. You will select the method by which the parent will be paying. Note the "external" option should not be used- If you select "No" this will turn off billing for the selected account.
  • Code: This is an obsolete field and should not be used

  • Begins: The date the first transaction will come out. This is also the day of the week that all subsequent transactions will be debited

  • Limit: The maximum that the Gateway process will take out for this parent per Gateway charging process per statement account. 

This limit is a per statement account which means if you have more than one statement account using the gateway and they both have debt to collect then the limit will apply separately to each not as a total

  • Cycle: This option defines what cycle the Gateway will charge that particular account with, this may be charged weekly, fortnightly or monthly from the Begins date

    • Fortnightly A or B both will create a fortnightly cycle base from the "Begins" date. The A and B option is to assist with ensuring you are using the correct fortnight

    • Top up will charge the Parents account the amount specified in the "Limit" option per charge process

    • Monthly will be processed on the "begins" date then every month on the same date. (best to select dates under 28th)

    • Weekly will charge a parents account each week

  • Ends: The date the payments stop being generated.

  • Terms: Defines the amount that will be charged at the time of auto charging

  • Manual: No charges will be included in the Auto-Charge
  • Current Balance (inc bookings): Will charge the amount currently displayed on the account on the day of the charge. If you have manually charged in advance these charges will be included
  • Balance on Sunday before Billing Date: Will charge the amount the parent owes on the Sunday prior to the charge
  • Balance at billing date: Will charge the amount the parent owes as per the date of the charge
  • Balance at end of billing week (incl. booking): Will charge the amount the parent owes as at the end of the current week plus all fees for any future booking charged on the rolls
  • Balance at end of billing week + "X" Week(s): Will charge the amount the parent owes as at the end of the current week plus X week fees in the future
  • The View/Edit Gateway Account button can be used to update existing payments details- Please see this guide here for more information.



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