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User Roles

User Roles determine the actions that a user can complete in QikKids next and they are accessed via the Settings screen. There are three groups of User Roles and each user must be linked to a User Role in order to access QikKids next.


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The Administrator role has full access and permissions to all QikKids next areas and functions. These permissions cannot be changed.

Service Director and Educator

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Service Director

By default the Service Director role has read/write/delete access to all areas, however they do not have permission to manage users.


By default the Educator role only has permission to view the attendances.

Changing User Role

There are two ways to change the Role that a user is linked to.
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  1. Click the Assign users icon and select the users from the list and choose a role to assign them to.
  2. Click the edit option for a user in the list and select the new role for the user.




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