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Set up after activation

*The Administrator in this article is the main user account in QikKids and is identified as the BLUE user in the Admin user screen.

Once a database has been activated, there are actions required to be completed in QikKids to enable users to log in to QikKids next and use the program.

Step 1 - The Administrator will need to ensure a secure password has been set for their QikKids user account. Use this article for assistance - Accessing QikKids next

Step 2 - Log into QikKids next to set the Default Role for all new users. The QikKids next Setting a default Role article will assist

Step 3 - Users can be linked to User Roles other than the Default role. See QikKids next User Roles to assist further

Step 4 - Provide users your URL and the QikKids next User Guide and away you go!




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