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Rolls Screen

The Rolls screen displays the names and details of all of the children and rolls in the centre. On this page you can sort and filter the rolls as you need it.

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1. Navigation

You can navigate between the Dashboard and Rolls screens using the respective icons in the blue menu on the left. Navigating via the icons in the side menu results in the view defaulting to Current Rolls.

2. Attendance Snapshot

On the top right of the Rolls screen is a snapshot of your children’s attendance status for right now (as found on the dashboard). By clicking on the tiles you can filter by attendance status
  • In, Out, Absent and Unknown status
Click 'Booked In' to view all children for the selected roll.

3. Viewing the Roll

When viewing a roll, children are listed alphabetically by their first name. You can sort the list of children by name and age. 



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4. Child Alerts

You can filter the roll to display children with all alerts or a specific alert type using the Child Alerts dropdown underneath the attendance snapshot. The alerts column shows icons for any alert a child may have. Hovering over an icon displays the alert type. Severe alerts are highlighted in red.

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5a. Marking the roll (single child)

You can mark a child as In, Out or Absent using the corresponding action button to the far right of the child’s name. The actions available for each child depend on the child’s current status (i.e. you cannot sign out a child who is not currently in).
Note: A child may only be signed in and out twice in one session. 
The sign in/out time recorded in QikKids next will be the time you clicked the In or Out button.  
A child’s attendance status cannot be corrected in QikKids next. (i.e. you cannot mark a child with status In as Absent). This must be done in QikKids.

5b. Marking the roll (all children)

You can sign in/out all children using the Sign out all and Sign in all buttons on the rolls screen filtered by the In and Out views respectively. All children will be signed in/out with the current time.

6a. Specifying the sign in or out time for a child

You can mark a child as In or Out with a custom time under the More section. The action available will depend on the child’s current status (i.e. you can only sign out a child with a custom time if they are already signed in).
Note: The specify sign in/out time pop up will default to your current system time. You cannot sign in or out a child in the future. The sign in/out time must be later than the last recorded attendance time for that day.

6b. Removing a child from the roll

You can remove a child from the roll under the More section. This action will remove the child from the roll for today only.
Note: When removing a child in QikKids next, the family account balances are not up-to-date until QikKids has processed the removal.  


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6c. Recording an Additional Absence

You can record an additional absence by selecting the More section and Record Additional Absence on a child with an Unknown or Absent status. On selection, a pop up will appear asking for a reason and whether or not supporting documentation is held (as shown below).
You will be automatically prompted to mark an additional absence if the system detects that a child has exhausted their 42 allowable absences for the financial year. Once again, you can choose to select a reason and mark the additional absence or cancel.

7. Add a child to the roll

You can add a child to the roll by selecting “Add child to roll” button, you can then search for a child, select a roll and select a fee to be applied.
Once you click confirm the child will be added to the selected roll and charged with the selected fee.

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8. Child Information

Clicking on a child name or alerts will bring up details including:
  • Date of Birth, Age and Class
  • Number of Year to Date absences as processed by CCSS
  • Guardian and Authorisations details
    • Hovering over an authorisation icon will display its meaning
  • Medical and Wellness information (if applicable)
Select the three vertical dots next to the absence count to go to the family account





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