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Creating and Managing Bookings

Bookings are managed on the Families screen > Select a Family > Select the Bookings tab.

You can create a new booking by selecting the Create a Booking icon on the top right of the bookings tab.
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Selecting the Create a Booking icon will take you to the Create new booking form.
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Mandatory fields in this form are:
  • Children
  • Roll
  • Frequency
  • Status
  • Starts date
Selecting a frequency will populate the remainder of the booking form:

Weekly booking view
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Fortnightly booking view. Note:  The labels next to First week and Second week represent the week within the CCSS fortnight the booking falls into.
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Casual booking
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To edit an active booking click the booking from the Active Bookings list on the Bookings tab. You can then select the Edit icon in the top right corner to be presented with the Edit active booking screen
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  • End and duplicate booking will end the selected booking with the entered ends date and copy the bookings details into a Create New booking form
  • End booking will end the booking for the date selected.
  • Edit booking take you to the edit form where you can make any changes required



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