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Families Screen

The families screen displays a list of all the families in your service.

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1. Add a new family account

You can add a new family account by selecting either of the highlighted buttons (as shown above). You will be presented with the add new family account form below. To add a new family you must enter a family account name, contact first name and select a relationship. You can continuously add family accounts by selecting the Add another family checkbox.
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2. Filter Families

You can filter your families according to: Active, Wait List and Inactive family accounts. Families that have both active and wait listed bookings will show up in both the Active and Wait Listed filters. Family accounts without bookings can be found in the Inactive filter.
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3. Search for a family

You can filter your families by account name by using Search for a family filter. Selecting a family will bring up further details about that family account.

4. General family account information

After selecting a family, general family account information will be displayed including;
  • Account name
  • Account ID
  • Primary contact name and phone number
  • Total balance
    • Total balance is the sum of all balances for a family account
    • If a family is in debt this will be represented in red and with a negative sign
    • If an account has a positive balance this will be represented in green

5. Children's overview

The children section on the overview tab displays a summary of all the children on that family account including name, DOB, age and class.

6. Bookings overview

When a child on the selected family account has an active booking it will be displayed on the overview with the child's name, roll and frequency represented (i.e fortnightly, weekly or casual).
  • Fortnightly bookings will be displayed with the days of attendance highlighted under Days.
  • Weekly Bookings will be displayed only under Week 1 with the relevant days highlighted.
  • Casual Bookings will be indicated with Casual.
Note: only active bookings are being displayed



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7. Children

You can view information about all the children on a family account by selecting the Children tab. All the information about the selected child will be displayed. You can use the drop down at the top of the page to select and view information about a different child in the family account. You can add, update and delete child details using the buttons on the top right of the page.

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8. View Bookings

You can view the bookings for a family by selecting the Bookings tab. All the Active, Upcoming, Wait List and Previous bookings for all children on the family account will be displayed here. Selecting a booking will display all the details about the booking. You can view bookings for all children on a family account or select a specific child using the drop down.
Note: If there are multiple children on one booking this will be displayed with the child's initials on the booking summary.
  • Active Bookings: bookings that are placed with a start date this is on or before today's date.
  • Upcoming Bookings: the start date for the booking if after today's date.
  • Wait List Bookings: the booking has a Wait Listed status.
  • Previous Bookings: the end date is before today's date and the booking is placed
  See - QikKids next How to Create and Manage Bookings for how to create and manage bookings


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9. Contacts

You can view contact information for a family account by selecting the Contacts tab. All the contacts on the family account will be listed and you can expand each contact to sell all of their details.

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  • Create a contact: You can create a contact by selecting the plus icon on the top right corner of the contacts tab.
  • Edit a contact: To edit a contact you must expand the contacts information, then select the pencil icon on the top right of the contacts expanded information.
  • Delete a contact: To delete a contact select the delete icon on the top right of the expanded contact information.


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10. Medical

You can view the medical details for all the children on a family account by selecting the Medical tab. This will display any medical data a child has as defined in QikKids, including disability. Any updates required to be made for medical information will need to be made in QikKids and this will update QikKids next.



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