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The dashboard gives a quick overview of what is happening in the service today. Attendance numbers as well as vacancies can be viewed from here.

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1. Current rolls
The rolls filter is located on the top right of the dashboard and will default to Current Rolls. Current rolls display all rolls that are in session at that point in time, including one hour either side of the session start/end time. The rolls filter allows selection of any individual roll for today regardless of the session time. Your Quick View will update based on your selected roll.

2. Your Quick View
Your Quick View is a snapshot of the children's attendance status for right now. Clicking on a tile will take you to the roll screen filtered by the attendance status and the roll selected.
Clicking on In will show all children who are currently signed in for the selected roll.

3. Child Alerts
This tile show the number of children with an alert booked in for today on the selected roll.
  • Medical, Allergy, Dietary, Note or Disability
This information reflects what is on the medical tab for the child in QikKids. Clicking the tile will take you to the rolls page and show all children with an alert for the selected roll.
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4. 'Your Availability Today' Graph
The availability graph shows available places compared to the total number of places for all rolls. The total number is indicated in the form of a fraction at the top of the bar graph. Absences are not included in the available spaces.

5. Indication of overbooked rolls on availability graph
When a roll has exceeded capacity, the overbooked amount is clearly indicated.

6. Your Centre Debt
This graph represents the total amount of debt for all statement accounts and a breakdown of the debt
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7. Estimated Staff
This tile shows the number of estimated staff required for the service right now and rostered for today. Right now is based on the number of children in for the selected roll divided by the staff ratio for that roll as specified in the Roll Details in QikKids.
Rostered is based on the number of children booked in for the selected roll divided b the staff ratio for that roll as specified in the Roll Details in QikKids. If Current Rolls is selected the sum of all independently calculated staff members required for each currently active roll is displayed.

8. Search
You can search for families, contacts, children and phone numbers by using the search bar on the top right of the screen. Selecting a result will take you to the Families tab with the appropriate information on display.





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