QikKids Web Start Up Guide

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QikKids Web Start Up Guide


Basic Requirements

Operating System

We support any version of Windows still supported by Microsoft, found here.
Windows 10, version 1803 or later recommended

 Windows Remote Desktop Connection  

This is maintained via Windows Updates. Version 17134 or later required.   


.NET Framework 3.5 & .NET Framework 4.5


*Required components will be automatically downloaded via the Installer

You can download the QikKids Web installer by clicking here.


QikKids Web is a hosted application delivered by Microsoft's Remote Desktop Services, and is dependent on an active Internet connection to use it.  As your data is hosted you will not need to worry about backing up your data or ensuring QikKids is on the latest version as this is managed for you.  You can also log into your data on any computer that has a stable Internet connection and the basic QikKids Web requirements.  This gives you the ability to work from home, access your QikKids data while travelling etc.  To use QikKids Web you need to have some files installed on your computer. These files tell your computer how to connect to QikKids Web.

QikKids Web does not currently support host-based printers. To find out if the printer you have is a host-based printer, please check with your printer's manufacturer.

Using the new QikKids Web Setup v2.0 will automatically ensure that all QikKids Web Pre-requisites are installed except RDC, which generally comes pre-installed with Windows, but will require updates. 

Installing QikKids Web

You can download the QikKids Web installer by clicking here.

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The installer will create a desktop and start menu shortcut to QikKids Web. It may remove old shortcuts to QikKids Web (for example, if you have used an earlier installation package).

QikKids Web requires your operating system is up-to-date and has .NET Framework 4.5 installed. You can keep your operating system up-to-date by using Windows Update, but the .NET Framework might not be installed.

QikKids Web automatically detects the absence of this feature and will prompt you to install it if necessary.

Installing the .NET Framework requires you to be running as an administrator. Note that if the .NET Framework is already installed, you can install QikKids Web as a limited user.


Running QikKids Web

You should always use the shortcuts created by the QikKids Web installer to launch the application.

The Icon you will see on your desktop will be:

 User-added image

While it is possible to use some of the files that are installed to launch QikKids Web through the Microsoft Terminal Services Client, you may not be able to use all of QikKids Web's functionality. This is because the shortcuts launch an application which enables the functionality on your computer first.

Machine-Wide Deployment

By default, QikKids Web installs for the current user. If you need to install QikKids Web for many users on the same machine, you may want to use the following special installers:

These installers are intended for terminal services environments, where any number of users may log on to a machine. If you share a computer with two or three user accounts, you should still use the normal QikKids Web installer.

If using the .msi installers, users will need to ensure that the pre-requisites such as .Net 4.5 are installed manually.

You will then be presented with the Enter your credentials window.  Please enter the credentials as they appear in the QikKids Web Welcome letter.

Access to QikKids Web Credentials

QikKids will only distribute the credentials to the Authorised QikKids Web Contact.  If you are requiring access to this information please contact your services authorised person.

User-added image

Both the username and password are case sensitive.  

These 'Hosting Credentials' can be saved to the PC, allowing QK Web to launch immediately each time. Please consult this guide for more information

Once your credentials have been entered and connection established you will be presented with the QikKids Login Screen.  Please log into QikKids to access your data.
As you are logging into QikKids for the first time (see below for migrated enterprise users), no users will be set.  Leave the username as Administrator and leave the password option blank.  
Please refer to Configure Users to set up the required users once logged in.

If you have moved to a new QikKids Web database from QikKids Enterprise/Professional, then all of your User information will be maintained. You will login into QikKids Web using the same username and password as when logging into the old QikKids Professional database.

Mac OS X Users



QikKids Web is designed to function on Windows operating systems and is not supported on Mac OS X.

Mac OS X users can use QikKids Web with full functionality by installing a Windows Virtual Machine, a once installed and functional, normal Support of QikKids is provided by QK Technologies.

Note, fees may apply for any Virtual Machine software and Windows licensing. Please contact your Apple specialist for guidance through this process. QK Technologies is not responsible for any costs incurred during this process.

The below method of accessing QikKids Web on Mac OS X will not provide full functionality. Additionally, if you are a QikPay client, you will no longer be able to use Gateway when you are moved to the new Advanced Gateway system. It is the intention of QK Technologies to move all QikPay clients onto the Advanced Gateway system as soon as possible. Therefore it is recommended that you DO NOT install QikKids Web on Mac OS X without the use of a Windows Virtual Machine.

Please see the How do I use QikKids Web on Mac OS X? guide for more details.




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