QikKids Messaging Service Management Guide

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QikKids Messaging Service (QKMS) Management Guide

This guide will assist you with the QikKids Messaging service for your database.  The guide is broken into the various steps that you can take to begin emailing messages to your families.
Please click on the appropriate links below to utilise this service.

The QKMS should be used for direct communications to your families where it is important that the parents receive the message such as notifications around service closures, as a part of your emergency process or to quickly filter to parent lists to facilitate debt management or event notification. It is not designed as a Marketing tool to manage and facilitate the production of things such as newsletters and other advertising.

Importantly, as it is not designed as a Marketing tool and is designed as a message service, QKMS does not facilitate a Subscription type service and therefore parents are unable to Unsubscribe. As a result, please ensure you utilise the filter options fully so you are targeting the appropriate contacts in your QikKids database.

Using the Messaging service for sending QK Enhanced Emails

If you are using the messaging service to email your Qk enhanced families prior to launching, it is important that you create an email filter for your active Primary and Secondary Account Guardians. To do this:
1. Log into Qikkids> Go to Extensions Tab
2. Select>QK messaging services-editor
3. Select >New Filter
4. Go to Services tab >Select Service/s
5. Go to Accounts tab> Select Active 
6. Select Recipient> Guardian 1 & 2

7. Select PREVIEW
8. Select >Immediate email>Yes
9. Select 'BCC' to copy families into the email
10. Enter in your services email address
11. Enter Subject
12. Copy the Pre Launch email content & paste into the email body 
N.B or type in the information into the email body
13. Select SEND

***You will receive the master email and the families will receive a copy of the email. Please ensure all the contacts have an email recorded before sending***




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