QK Kiosk Release 2.3.0

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QK Kiosk Release 2.3.0

Release Date: 20 June 2017
ProductMinimum Required Version
Standard Reports5.14B

To our Enterprise clients, please visit QK Kiosk Enterprise Upgrade Guide for updated information on supported systems.

Issue Resolutions



Capture Current Sign In Time
Kiosk will now record the time that the sign in/out button is pressed for each child.  This gives a more accurate time when signing in multiple children over a long period. This is particularly important for BSC and ASC where the staff member is signing in/out children in bulk. In this case as a staff member clicks on the child to sign them in/out, the Kiosk will 
record the time at each child click as opposed to recording the time at Submit where all children are issued the same time.

Issue Resolutions

Staff unable to view Kiosk Messaging page
Kiosk messaging should now work on older devices (Mobile Safari 5.0 and higher) which was the reason the page was inaccessible to staff.

Messages with expiry date of today not displayed to parents
Messages that were created with an expiry date of today will now be displayed to parents.



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