QK Kiosk Release 2.2.0

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QK Kiosk Release 2.2.0

Release Date: 7th March 2017
ProductMinimum Required Version to use Head Count function
Standard Reports5.14B
To our Enterprise clients, please visit QikKids Enterprise System Requirements for updated information on supported systems.

The Kiosk Release notes provide detailed information of changes implemented within the program.

New Features
Enterprise Clients

New Features

Kiosk Head Count
The Kiosk Head Count feature allows the Service to conduct a Head Count of children in the case of an Emergency, Drill or Excursion.  It also allows staff to print a list of Contacts for the children and to submit a Kiosk message to Guardians informing them of these events.

For more information, please visit: Using Kiosk Head Count



Allow multi day selection in Kiosk messaging
Currently the messaging function allows messages to be submitted to Rolls belonging to one single day.  This update allows the user to be able to select multiple days from the Calendar and submit one message for any number of days.  This means that Guardians who attend on more than one day in that time will only view that message once rather than every day.

For more information on sending messages, please visit: Creating Kiosk Messages

New School name option for sorting Roll lists
School Name has now been added as a Sort by option to the Centre Sign In/Out, Messaging and Head Count screens.

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