QK Kiosk Release 2.1.0

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QK Kiosk Release 2.1.0

New Features
Issue Resolutions

New Features

Introduction of the Kiosk Messaging Service
This new feature will allow the service to leave messages for parents and guardians when they come in to sign their children in and out.  Messages can be sent to an individual family or a large group of families.  This will be helpul for debt management, incursion reminders or a request for the parent to talk with an Educator to name a few great uses.

To read more information and get started please read through:

Creating Kiosk Messages
Managing Kiosk messages

Missed Sign In Function
For sessions of three or more hours, this release introduces the new Missed Sign In function.  If a parent/guardian logs in after the half way point of the session, they will be prompted to confirm if they missed a sign in earlier in the day.  This will assist with the day to day functioning of the roll and prompt the parents automatically to sign in if they forgot earlier in the day.



Streamlining the Sign In/Out process
Changes have been made to the sign in workflow and parents and staff with unique phone numbers will move immediately to the PIN screen after entering their phone number.  Users who share a phone number will still be taken to the User select screen.  The 'Begin' and 'Sign In/Sign Out' screens have been removed.

Disable Pick up all button
When there are no children to pick up then the Pick up all button will be disabled to avoid confusion.

Increase of button sizes
The Sign In, Absent and Sign Out button size has been increased to make them easier to select.

Staff login scrolling for long Roll names
Previously, long roll names could not be completely viewed on the Roll tabs at the top of the Roll screen.  This made differentiating between more than one roll with similar names difficult.  The names have now been animated and will scroll across so that they can be read completely.


Issue Resolutions

Changing the child sort order causing Kiosk to send Information twice
For several services, when they changed the child sort order in Kiosk, duplicate information was being sent to QikKids.

Buttons on Bus List with no children error
When there were no children on the bus list, the Finish and Exit and Finish and Return to Menu buttons weren't functioning.  This has been resolved and the buttons will return you to the appropriate screen.




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