QK Kiosk Release 2.0.4

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QK Kiosk Release 2.0.4

The Kiosk Release notes provide detailed information of changes implemented within the program. 

Bug Fixes


This release has a strong focus on performance improvement.  There have been instances of slow performance for Web customers, particularly experienced in the afternoon.  This release looks to ease this issue.

UI Functionality and Performance

The user interface is now more fluid and responsive. In addition both portrait and landscape orientations are supported. Kiosk may also be used on mobile phones however please note the optimal experience is in portrait orientation.

Accidental selection of children when scrolling
Due to the sensitivity of the touch pad on tablets, accidental selection of children was often occurring when staff members were marking them through Kiosk.  This has now been improved and a child will only be marked as attending or absent if the User touches the button specifically without the screen moving.

Displaying Various absence types
Not all of the absence fee types used in QikKids were displaying as absent in the Kiosk.  Now the Standard Absence; Additional Absence; Holiday; Cessation of Care; Pupil Free Day Absence and Pupil Free Day Additional Absence will all display correctly in Kiosk.

Account Names displayed with Parent/Guardian Names
For Parent/Guardians who were authorised on more than one account in QikKids, it was not possible to differentiate between the accounts when logging into Kiosk.  Now after entering their phone number, when their name appears, it will also display the Account name below it to clarify.

Status Filter on Staff Login > Centre Sign In/Out page
This improvement allows the User to click on any of the coloured circles ie. In/Absent/Out/Unknown to filter results to records matching the selected status.  To return to a 'View All', click on the Roll tab.

Pick up/Drop off terminology updated
As requested, the pick up/drop off terminology throughout the Kiosk has now been replaced by Sign In/Sign Out.  This adjustment will align with the terminology already used within QikKids.

Bug Fixes

Holiday fee not flagging as Absence for child and signature confirmation
If a child had a holiday fee in QikKids and the User sent a confirmation request to Kiosk, the parent was not receiving the prompt.  This has now been resolved and is working as expected.

Kiosk prompts for confirmation on roll entries in the future
When roll entries were being set for the future that required a confirmation, Kiosk was prompting the parent to confirm on the next sign in.  This process has now been clarified, and Kiosk will only prompt on or after the roll date of the entry marked for confirmation.

Absence Confirmations not showing the correct date
When sending an Absent confirmation request to Kiosk, parents were seeing the Absent confirmation but it had the date the confirmation was created, not the Absent date.  Absent days will now display the correct date.

Kiosk's alphabet list does not include the letter G
The letter 'G' was previously missing from the list, the alphabet is now complete.

Kiosk passwords are case sensitive
The Kiosk passwords have now been made case sensitive.  The password will reflect each character used when it was entered into QikKids.

Duplicated alphabet letters near Scroll bar
For several clients, when switching between two large rolls and using the scrollbar - the alphabet letter by the scroll bar was duplicated.  This no longer occurs.



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