QK Kiosk Release 1.3

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QK Kiosk


The QK Technologies team is delighted to announce a new version of QK Kiosk, in version 1.3. 

New Features and Improvements

Confirm In/Out Times

QikKids now uses the time provided by the Kiosk user when confirming In/Out times.

Kiosk Absences

The kiosk now allows parents to confirm absences via the kiosk.

Scroll Speed

Where there is a large list to view, the scroll speed has been increased.



Kiosk Unknown Error

Some users experienced an 'Unknown Error' when connecting to the Kiosk page. This has been resolved.

Kiosk not displaying children for sign in

Kiosk users in states of a different time zone to QLD, may experience an issue where children do not appear for parents to sign in. This is dues to an incorrectly referenced time setting and has been resolved.

Staff Sign In/Out Function

On the staff child Sign I/O screen there is the ability to view the whole list of children of by the roll name or bus list name. Children selected on these sub list are not marked when the user selects a finish option. This has been resolved.




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