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This QK Kiosk Project Guide provides you with a project plan for implementing Kiosk at your service/s. This should be used as a guide to assist you with the roll out process. We have outlined below key stages for you to follow to help you with implementation, which includes device installation. We also offer a FREE onboarding service for orders placed for 5 centres or more to guide you with the set up process ensure you have a successful launch.

Note: QK Policy - ‘First 30 days Free’ takes affect from the DAY the order is processed, not the day that you begin implementation. You should place the order when you are ready to start. Now let's get started.


First Steps

You should follow this menu and get the program ordered and set up for your service/s, you should also look to purchase your devices for Sign in/out use.


Note: Licences are per service NOT per database or device. You will enter in ONE global Kiosk password for the database (for all services) and one person should be responsible for managing the global password.

QikKids Web Database

For QikKids Web clients, we manage the integration between your QikKids database and the Kiosk service for you automatically​. You just need to follow the set up tasks for Kiosk implementation in Qikkids web.

QikKids Enterprise Database

For QikKids Enterprise clients, you need to take some action to install Kiosk at your end to provide this facility on your QikKids database.
To do this, please follow the QK Kiosk Enterprise Installation Guide. Once the configuration of Kiosk has been done, then the service can start with set up process.

Setting the Foundation

Once you have done your set up, we recommend you do some testing for yourself before going live to your families. You should follow the User guides listed below to assist you:

You should begin by watching the Kiosk Training Videos to help you better understand the Kiosk Sign in process and show you how to manage Kiosk on a day to day basis.
See User guides below on how to use the Kiosk system. To view the full guide click here: QK Kiosk User Guide

Marketing, Parent Communication and Pre-Launch

To ensure the successful roll out of Kiosk to your service/s marketing to families is an important part of the process. While you are testing the Sign in process you can commence marketing the Kiosk system to your families and staff. We have collated some resources for you to use to begin your Parent Communication and Marketing. To view the Kiosk resources page click here: QK Resources.

We suggest you download our free posters and display these at your service, you could also post some online. You should also look to display 'Sign In process' posters near your devices to assist your families when signing in for the first time.


Prior to launching Kiosk to your families we recommend the following:

  • Send the QK Kiosk Existing Families email template to your current families 
  • You should include the proposed 'launch date' in the email and advise of where the device/s will be located for Sign In
  • Print off a copy of the QK_Kiosk_Best_Practice_Flow_Chart to follow for best managing Kiosk system

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At the time of launching Kiosk we recommend the following:

  • Have a staff member available for first week to assist parents with signing in and setting up their PIN for the first time
  • Staff should assist their families sign their child in or out of the first session and follow up on any invalid phone numbers or contact records
  • Staff will have the ability to sign children in/out on the Kiosk system to record any missed sign in's or absences

In case of Internet connection issues we recommend having a blank sign-in sheet available for use enable you to sign children in manually which can then be recorded in Kiosk system when the internet reconnects.To print off a copy of the blank sign-in sheet click here

As part of our continued ongoing support, please call our friendly Customer Experience Team on 1300 367 770 or email: for further assistance.




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