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This Journeys Project Guide provides you with a project plan for implementing Journeys at your service/s. This should be used as a guide only to assist you with the roll out process. We have outlined key stages for you to follow to help you with the implementation for your service. We also offer a FREE onboarding service to ensure you have a successful launch!


Note: QK Policy - ‘First 30 days Free’ takes affect from the DAY the order is processed, not the day that you begin implementation. You should place the order when you are ready to start.

NOTE: The Guardian will always have access to the child's portfolio via the My Family Lounge portal.


First Steps

This is the first step to getting your database ready, you should review the timeline below to know what's involved in the launch process before commencing. You must have QikKids if you are enabling the Journeys System!

Here is an example of a typical timeline:

First Steps:  Product Activation, book in for overview webinar
Setting the Foundation:  Program overview, Company & Service set up, staff users setup, setting up framework,  set up learning environments & commence programming
Review Setup and Website Testing:  Review setup & website, register testing family, educators to start publish records, assign a key image for each child
Marketing, Parent Communication and Pre Launch:  Plan/commence marketing on the resources page, prepare & send out the parent communication email, launch of My Family Lounge
Post Launch:  Journeys launch follow up, discuss managing new families and any other questions  

N.B. We will assist you with customising a timeline and set key dates tailored to your specific needs!

Once you have ordered Journeys, booked in and attended the overview webinar and received your welcome e-mail, your next step is to log on and activate Journeys for the service/s launching. ***Do not generate parent log in's***

1.  See: Order Journeys
2.  Book in and attend overview webinar
3.  Service receives a Welcome email containing the 'Database Administrator' login details and is booked in for one on one onboarding
4.  Service activates QK Journeys system for each centre launching and continues onboarding

Watch the Activating QK Journeys for Your Service video and complete all Setting the Foundations Set up tasks


Things you should know:
  • QK Journeys may be accessed on both a tablet and computer.
  • In most cases the tablet/s will only need 'WIFI access' as you will be connecting to your services internet 
  • Families can access Journeys from My Family Lounge website portal and from My Family Lounge App
  • The Framework must be set up for each room prior to commencing programming

Setting the Foundation

You will now have finished Setting the Foundation training and   are familiar with all the program features gaining a greater understanding on how the programming works.

We recommend you nominate a Journeys Champion. This will be the 'go to person' to assist Educators with their initial programming. Generally speaking this would be the the Lead Educator or Educational Leader. The Journeys Champion will set the service/s expectations regarding the programming requirements.

1. Staff training & Program set up

We strongly advise all Educators take the time to educate themselves on Journeys so they use the program to it's full potential. You should now do the following:


2. Journeys Programming - Educators Guide

This section covers what the Educators should be doing in accordance to the services expectations. Refer back to the full help guide to view all program features available.

Educators should do the following:

Review Setup & Website Testing

You now will have received your Customised timeline as part of the Onboarding Journey. Following a ‘timeline’ helps keep you on track with your proposed launch date and ensures a smooth launch. All tasks should be completed within the time frame set where possible. Its important to create a test account to familiarise yourself with the Families process.

Creating/Using a Test Account

It is recommended that you create a 'test account' and go through the Sign In process as a new parent. This will ensure you are aware of the entire journey from parent registration and first log in using the My Family Lounge parent portal.This will also allow you to view the child/ren portfolio/s from a parent perspective including viewing Daily Journals, Observations and the Image Gallery.
To download the My Family Lounge App go to App Store or Google Play. Please see the Generating Parent Logins for My Family Lounge guide to assist you with this process.

Note: Ensure you have completed the steps to complete registration for your My Family Lounge account before attempting to log into the app. You will also need to ensure that the child's records have been published.


Website Configuration (Optional)

(N.B. Your I.T person should add a Sign In button on your website allowing you to still have control over new parent registrations​, you should pass on the information below for website configuration)

  • To install the My Family Lounge widget /Sign In button on your website - Go to: Customising your MFL Sign-in Button
  • Provide your I.T with your unique database ID number e.g. 9407 not 9407-1
  • To accompany the widget, include a 'brief summary of QK Journeys' for parents accessing their child's portfolio online or App
  • Include the parent interfacing help page - link:
  • The website page should be published when you are ready to go live, you should test the Sign In button prior to launch

Marketing, Parent Communication & Pre Launch

Marketing Plan and Parent Education

Once your website page is ready and tested, you should begin marketing/ parent communication. Communication with staff and parents needs to be a part of your overall plan. All assigned tasks should be completed within the timeline set where possible to ensure a smooth and timely launch!

When implementing Journeys within a service you should look at following a 'marketing plan'. We recommend you commence a marketing plan to let families know My Family Lounge is coming! We suggest displaying some posters at the service, send a flyer home to families and post online via social media leading up to the launch. We have included a series of templates to edit and use for parent communication. Prior to issuing families with a login you should send out the communication email introducing families to 'My Family Lounge' advising families they soon will have access to their child's portfolio online & via App. Here is a typical Marketing & Communication plan to follow - see: Marketing for success

By this time your staff should be trained up and comfortable with the system. Your next step is to ensure your Educators have created at least one program plan, published a daily journal for each room and published any completed observations in preparation for launch day. You should now review your timeline expected roll out date and ensure you are on schedule.

Now for one final check before launching:

  • Educators to engage in our self-paced training

  • Check Educators have published at least one program plan and daily journal for each room

  • Ensure all active children have a profile picture displayed, any completed observations should now also be published

  • Send out the 'Pre Launch email' to your active families ​via outlook or follow QikKids Messaging Service Management Guide


Now it's time to Launch!

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You should now be ready to launch the My Family Lounge page on your website and activate the parent log in's.
To activate the parent log in's - see: Creating Logins for Existing Families

My Family Lounge - Parent portal

As mentioned before, families will be able to download the My Family Lounge App on their phone to view daily journals, child observations and view the image gallery
The website portal is where the full program can be accessed including their child's portfolio. You can add a widget to your website to allow families to Sign In to their account from your website page or they can go to to sign into their account. 


Post Launch 

Once you have gone live to your families, it is important to continue parent communication & education. You can look at sending out a 'Post Launch email' one week after launching as a friendly reminder. 

See: Journeys Resources. Parent log in's will not be issued if there are NO records published for the child!

When families log into their account they will see the following:

Published Observations & Goals - where their child/ren are linked to an observation or working toward a goal, and can see how the observation relates to the NQF
Published Daily Journals - via website portal & App parents can view the daily journals for the room their child attends
Child's Photos - Parents can view the image gallery via website & App. All photos linked to an observation & daily journal will be stored here in the image gallery

Below are some parent interfacing guides for accessing My Family Lounge:

N.B. As part of our continued ongoing support, please call our friendly Customer Experience Team on 1300 367 770 or email: for further assistance.




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