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Accepting Offers and Completing the Enrolment Form

This guide is designed to assist parents who have accepted an offer for placement at the service

Accepting an Offer
How will the Accepting offer process look if the Service charges a Bond amount?


Accepting an offer

  • You will receive an email when the centre is offering you a place

  • Log onto your My Family Lounge account 

  • Press View Offer

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Accepting/Declining an Offer


  • Once the booking is accepted the parent should submit the enrolment when required, pay a Bond if applicable

  • Then the booking will be confirmed and flow into QikKids


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N.B. the service will have the ability to edit the OFFER and change days offered whilst the OFFER is still pending.

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Declining an Offer

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Decline and Change

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  • If you would like to decline this offer but stay on the waitlist, press Decline & Change

  • Complete a new Waitlist application

  • Press Save​

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Accepting the Offer

  • If you would like to accept this offer press Accept
  • A pop-up will be displayed if you have never enrolled your child at this centre. 
  • You will be prompted to complete an enrolment form for your child

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How will the Accepting offer process look if the Service charges a Bond amount?

Please note that some services charge a Bond that will require payment after the enrolment process is complete.  When you click on View Offer, any Bond amount owing will be displayed.  The Accept button, will be altered to Accept & Pay Bond.

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**Please note** The enrolment form cannot be submitted until the Bond payment is finalised.  This means that the Enrolment process can not be completed until a successful Bond transaction.

If you choose to pay the Bond immediately, you will be taken to a Debitsuccess webpage to make payment.  If you choose to return to pay, the Pay
 option will be available under the Payments section of Enrolment Management.

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If you click on the Pay button in the Payments section, you will be taken to a Debitsuccess webpage to make payment.  If the payment is unsuccessful, the Status of the payment will say Declined.

If the payment is successful, the status of the receipt will be Paid.  The receipt can be printed by clicking on the receipt number.

Parent Enrolment Form - 1 page display

Once the Parent has accepted the Offer, they can now complete the Enrolment form.  To do this they will click on the Finish Enrolment button on their Dashboard.

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  • Select the centre name in the Services to Enrol field at the top of the enrolment form then complete all fields (mandatory fields must be completed)

  • Once completed press Save then Submit. An email notification will be sent to confirm the enrolment from has been completed and submitted.

Information flowing into your QikKids Database from QK Enrol

For new parents, account and booking information does not flow into QikKids until the parent has accepted the offer and the Enrolment form has been completed.  This will then:

  • Create a new family account

  • Create the Contact and Child information

  • Create a new reoccuring booking for the child on the agreed start date

  • Populate all associated standard Enrolment form information into the family account where applicable (this does not include customised questions)

  • Customised questions created within the customised enrolment form will NOT flow into QikKids

For existing Families, any  child or contact details updated on an account. The information will not update in QikKids until the parent has resubmitted the enrolment form.
The service can opt to have an email notification received each time any child or contact details are updated on an account. This can be enabled in Settings>Company Tab
This can only be enabled buy the Database Administrator. See below:


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