QK Enrol - How do parents register for the waiting list?

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Parents registering for your Waitlist

For new parents registering for your Waitlist, the first thing they will do is register for the My Family Lounge service. Direct new parents to your website where you will have the My Family Lounge Register tool embedded:

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  • Parents will press Register then be taken to an introductory welcome screen to collect basic information and to create their account. 

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  • Upon pressing Register on this screen the parent will be sent a welcome email requesting them to 'Complete Registration'

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  • This step simply involves the parent creating a unique Password for their My Family Lounge account

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  • The parent may now sign in to their My Family Lounge account using their email address and password. Once signed in they will be asked to complete some basic details about themselves and then their child:

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  • To make a waitlist request the parent presses Make Permanent Booking
  • The parent can select the care type and centre name, when they would like care to begin and how many days care they are looking for
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  • Upon pressing Save & Finish the child will appear on the centre's waitlist



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