QK Enrol - How do parents create a waitlist application?

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Parents - Initial Waitlist Creation

Once the parent has registered for the service, they will receive a 'Complete Registration' email, follow the prompts on the email to set up a password and sign in.  The parent will then be lead through the waitlist creation process.

Edit Contact

Here the system asks information about the Primary Contact on the account. Parents may add a Secondary Contact if required however there is no need to enter all additional contacts at this stage. This contact is required as a contact for the waitlist application. Once complete press Save & Next

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Add Child Details

This is where the parent advises the service of the child's details. An unborn child may be added to the waitlist otherwise complete all fields, including the authorisations this Primary Contact has with this child. If the parent wishes to put the child on the waitlist they must press Make Permanent Booking.

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Add Waitlist Details

Here the parent can enter the details of the waitlist request including

  • The preferred start date of the booking

  • The type of care

  • The waitlist can be created for multiple centres on the same database

  • Whether less days will be accepted

  • Any additional information the parent would like to provide about this waitlist application

QK Enrol Guardian permanent booking request

Once complete the parent will press Save & Finish. The service will be alerted of this new waitlist application via email and can either make contact via phone or create an offer once an available position is vacant. 




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