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Personnel Screen

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The Personnel Screen acts as a hub for managing Employees in QikKids and linking them to CCSS. Using this screen you are able to send information to CCSS regarding who needs to be linked to your centre and in what role. You cannot delete a RECORD for Personnel once the role has been submitted to CCSS.

Add allows you to create a new Personnel record. You will be prompted to check with CCSS via the Activate option prior to adding a new record.

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Activate (CCSS) - displays the CCSS Personnel - Existing Personnel and allows you activate existing Personnel that exist in the PEP but not in QikKids.

Edit allows you to edit an existing Personnel record, highlight the record you would like to edit and then select the button. The fields that are able to be edited will be available to edit on the right side of the screen.

Search displays the Personnel Search screen that allows you to find Personnel in your service.
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The tabs on the right hand side of the screen allow you to view information about the Personnel record that you have highlighted in QikKids and the CCSS. For more information, follow the below links.

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The list in the middle of the screen shows Personnel that are available in your logged in services, anyone shown on the list has a Personnel record that is linked in QikKids with their role/s for CCSS.


Activating Personnel records from PEP

In most instances PEP will have the record of a staff member available to retrieve to QikKids with all relevant information populated for you. Using the Activate option removes the margin of error and ensures that all relevant parties have the correct information regarding the staff member.
  • Click on Activate
  • Tick create from the CCSS
  • Click Query CCSS
    • People that have linked themselves to your centre in PEP will then be populated in the field below.
  • Highlight the person you are looking for and click Activate
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This screen also allows you to activate a deleted personnel record or activate personnel from other centres. Use the Find Personnel option at the top of the box to look for these records.

Editing Roles

  • Highlight the Role (Persons Name) you wish to record you wish to edit
  • Click on the Edit Button - This will also read any information from CCSS that they already have and bring it into Qikkids
  • Highlight the Role you wish to edit and click on the edit button           
  • Make the Changes you require in the Roles Section
  • Tick the necessary declarations
  • Upload any documentation required eg. Police Check
  • Select 'Submit to CCSS'                                          

Deleting Roles

  • Highlight the Role
  • Click on Delete
  • If the Role has not been submitted to CCSS, the system will allow you to delete it (You cannot delete RECORDS out of Personnel)
  • If not, you will need to end the Role instead
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Ending Personnel Roles 

  • Highlight the Role
  • Click on Edit 
  • Enter the ends date 
  • Click on Submit to CCSS
  • Please Note: If the role starts date is before the 2/7/18 you will need to call CCSS and have them change it to the 2/7/18 before you can end the Role. This cannot be done by QikKids. 
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You cannot remove Personnel Records. The can only be added and edited once they are created.



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