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Using Kiosk for the first time

For parents signing into the Kiosk for the first time, please refer to the Kiosk User Setup - Parent/Staff reference guide.


Once you have signed into the Kiosk, you will be presented with the following screen.

You will be presented with your children booked into the service on the QikKids Rolls to sign in or mark as absent.

User-added image


You will then select the appropriate status for the child/ren and click done. 

Once you select Done, the Kiosk will return to the Welcome page ready for the next parent.


Managing Missed Sign In/Outs

Where you have missed previously signing their children in and/or out, prior to proceeding to the current day, you will be asked to confirm or modify previous instances where you have missed the signing in/out of children.

This process will occur after you have signed in.

Once you have signed in, if there was a previous missed sign in/out, you will be presented with the following screen:

You will then confirm that you agree with the date and time of the sign in/out or modify the time of the sign in/out.  

When you click Change, you will be presented with the following clock where you can modify the sign in/out time:

To proceed, click Done after modifying the time and then Next to save the confirmed records.


Reading a Kiosk Message

Parents are unable to sign their child in/out if they do not read and click the Mark as Read button on the message.  

High Priority messages will be displayed above the others for the guardians to address urgently.  

Once they Mark as Read a message, the message disappears and you are able to continue and sign your child out.

Parent view of Kiosk Message




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