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Updating Direct Debit Payment Details via MFL App

Account holders can update their bank account or credit card details via the My Family Lounge App.

Step 1. Log in to the MFL App

Step 2. Select Payment Details

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Step 3. Select Edit

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You will be redirected to the Debitsuccess secure processing landing page

Step 4. Enter Updated Details for BANK ACCOUNT or CREDIT CARD

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Step 5. View Debitsuccess Notifcation for Updated Payment Details
All payment information will display as encrypted with 'XXXX' for data security

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You will be redirected back to the My Family Lounge App

Step 6. View MFL Account notification for Updated Payment Details

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Error Guide

Error: Unable to view payment details. There are no active direct debits setup.

Issue:The service you are attempting to update the details for does not currently have the options activated for account holders to update their details.

Action: Contact the service directly to discuss options for updating the details.

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