My Family Lounge Mobile App Release Notes

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3.4.2 – January 2020
Parents can view details of their centre and contact them.

3.4.1 – January 2020
Parents will have the ability to:
  • Update their authorisations
  • Update basic contact details
Centre will be notified when a parent changes contacts or authorisations via the app
Dark Mode has been disabled for the app to prevent issues with logging in and casual bookings

3.4.0 – December 2019
Parents will have the ability to:
  • View a list of family contacts
  • View details of each contact
View authorisations each contact has for a child

3.3.3 – September 2019
Bug Fixes and user experience improvements

3.3.2 – September 2019
View and update your pay method

3.3.0 – July 2019
Bug fixes and added new welcome screen



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