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User-added image  My Family Lounge - Change email address 

This guide will assist you with changing your password for your My Family Lounge account.

Step 1 - Log onto your My Family Lounge account

  1. Log into your account by entering the original email address (that is, the email address your Childcare centre already has on record)
  2. The current Password
  3. Select Sign In
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Step 2 - Manage your account

  1. Select your Username on the top right hand side of the screen
  2. Select 'Manage Account'
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  • You will be presented with your current My Family Lounge account details
  • Select the Change button next to Password
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  1. Enter your current password
  2. Create your new password
  3. Confirm your new password
  4. Select Change
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You may now log in to your My Family Lounge account with your updated password. 





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