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My Family Lounge - Transition Reports Tab

Once the Educator has marked the 'Cover and Consent' and/or 'The Family' sections of the transition statement as 'Share with Parents' the parent/guardian will receive an email prompting them to log into the MFL and complete it.

When a parent/guardian logs in, they will click on the Current Transition Reports option under Profile to view the current report:


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Depending on the selection made in the original template for the statement, the view will be slightly different.

Children attached to the family will appear on the left hand side of the page.

There are two options available for the parent/guardians on this page

  • View Current - this option displays the active report which the parent has been asked to complete.
  • Available reports - Legacy - all of the parent transition report details will be found in 'View Current'

To complete the statements the parent is to complete the questions on each page and then select next.  After all are complete, they will click on 'Finish'.

The Educator will then be able to 'Unshare' these sections in the Reports tab to view the parent input.
Once satisfied, the Educator can then mark these sections as 'Complete'.

To continue with the 'Transition Statement/Progress Report' process, please see: Transition Statement Management Guide




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