ISS Step 7 - Submitting claims to CCSS

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Submitting IS cases to CCSS

Once you have managed all your Attendances and processed the IS case claim.

  1. Select CCMS/CCSS

  2. Select CCSS Operations

You will see the below screen.

  1. CCMS - If this option is selected all options in this section will automatically be selected

  2. IS Cases - Retrieves any new IS cases and retrieves paid funding amounts

  3. IS Case Claims - Submits any processed IS cases

  4. Include Current Week - should only be selected on a Friday to include the current weeks IS case

  5. Submit - Submits any processed IS cases to CCSS for processing

  6. Query - Retrieves any prior submitted IS cases to finalise the status

  7. Connect - Connects to CCSS for all selected options

Please be advised that if you submit the IS case before your attendances for the week have been submitted, the IS case claim will become compromised and you will not be paid.
However, If you are processing your claim as part of your weekly submission you may tick all other relevant options, as the case will be processed in the same time frame as the attendances. We recommend to submit your claims 24-48 hours after you have submitted your attendances.
The payment for IS claims will be included with your normal CCS and ACCS payments


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