ISS Step 6 - Processing the IS Claim

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Processing the IS Claim

Once you have completed confirming the attendance of the child in the Rolls screen, you will now need to check your claim and send to the CCSS interface to receive payment. 

  • Click on the IS Case Claim button on the left of your screen and you will bring up the following page.

   Description of buttons

  • Add - this button allows the user to create a new case
  • Process - this button is required to process the case
  • Delete - this function will delete an existing claim. If the claim has been processed the system will also submit a cancellation.
  • Reprocess - This function act as a recalculation button for existing case claim
  • View - Highlight the claim entry on the right and click View for more details
  • Query - this function causes QikKids to get an update for any existing submitted case claims and show CCSS payments relating to the case
  • Uncomp – (Uncompromise) This function allows the user to remove the compromised status on a case claim where they believe there is no requirement to resubmit the claim.
  • Show Hidden - Shows a history of deleted claims
  • Show Compromised - This function will search the IS case claim interface for compromised cases and allow the user to skip to the case in question without having to search for it.

User-added image

  • Highlight the unprocessed claim and click on the Process button
  • Click on Face-to-Face (showing in yellow)

Case Claim Dialog

User-added image

  • Tick and highlight the Educator
  • Select the appropriate day the Educator provided care
  • Press Edit

Adding Additional Carer Hours 

User-added image

  • Enter the hours being claimed on that day
  • Press OK
  • If the Educator provided care on a different day, repeat this process
Repeat this process for further Additional Educators and/or Non-Face-to-Face hours where appropriate


For further information on processing an ISS case click Processing an ISS Case with an Educator

For further information on processing an ISS case with F2F and non F2F click Processing ISS Case with F2F and non F2F hours

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