ISS Step 4 - Creating Additional Educators

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 Additional Educator (CCMS) Educators CCSS
Creating a new Personnel record
User Account Screen
Employees Screen
CCMS Roles Screen
CCSS Roles Screen
CCSS Providers Screen
Contact Details screen
CCMS Personnel submission
CCSS Personnel submission



Additional Educators (CCMS) status or Educator (CCSS) Status allow you to create the staff members who will be used in an IS case to claim the funding for.
The Educators do not require a PRODA ID or Person ID.

Additional Educators - CCMS and Educators CCSS

CCMS and CCSS have now created a new Role type for Personnel records.

CCMS and CCSS have created this option to assist the Service with linking a staff member to a child for ISS purposes.

  • Any EXISTING Personnel records DO NOT need to be adjusted as they will automatically show as an option in the ISS case.

  • The Additional Educator can be used for a staff member who is NOT currently setup in the Personnel screen

If you have a Casual or Agency Staff member for the day working with the ISS child then you need to create them in the Personnel screen as well to be able to link them to the ISS case.

  1. Select  the Personnel Screen

  2. Select the Add button 

User-added image

User Account Screen

  1. User Account - This screen can be used if creating a QikKids User login
  2. If the Staff Member does NOT log into QikKids - Select No User Account

  3. If the Staff member logs into QikKids - Select Create a New User Account

  4. If the Staff member logs into Qikkids and you can see their username - Select Link an Existing User Account and tick the username

  5. Click on Next

User-added image

Employee Screen

  1. The Employee Screen is used to link the Staff member to the service and allow them to appear in the IS case claim screen
  2. Create a new employee in - To create the Additional Educator and this is a NEW Employee- Select 

  3. Link existing employees - If you can see the Employees name- Select  (tick that Employees name)

  4. Click on Next

User-added image

CCMS Roles

NOTE: The CCMS Roles screen is only used for a Staff member who is required to be linked to CCMS, this screen can be skipped by selected configure roles later if required.
  1. Configure roles later - Tick this option if the Educator has commenced after the 2/7/18 and doesn't need to be connected to CCMS
  2. Click on Next

User-added image

Note: Carer role type is for FDC & IHC care types only. It is not to be used in LDC, OSHC, OCC care types

CCSS Roles Screen

  1. CCSS Roles screen - Tick to configure the roles later (for Additional Educators only)
  2. Click on Next
User-added image

Contact Details Screen

The Contact Details Screen is to fill out the information for the Staff Member

 There is only 3 Mandatory fields that need to be entered:

  1. Title eg: Miss, Mrs, Mr
  2. First name
  3. Last Name
  4. CCS  - PRODA and Person ID are not mandatory for an Additional Educator but can be added if required
  5. Click on Finish
User-added image

CCMS Personnel submission

  • Submit this record to CCMS by going to CCMS > Select CCMS Operations > tick CCB Approval > Press Connect 
  • Wait 24 hours
  • Retrieve the record by going to CCMS > Select CCMS Operations > tick CCB Approval > Press Connect
  • This Educator is now ready to be linked to an IS claim 

CCSS Personnel submission

Once the Existing user has been linked to the CCSS role information their details need to be uploaded to CCSS for connecting in the PEP system.
To upload the CCSS personnel information.
  1. Select the CCMS/CCSS option on the top toolbar
  2. Select CCSS Operations
User-added image
  1. Tick Misc
  2. Tick Personnel
  3. Select Connect
User-added image
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