ISS Step 1 - Setup within QikKids

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ISS Setup within QikKids

The following instruction will allow you to activate the IS features within QikKids.
If you have IS cases to manage at your centre, you will need to Enable ISS against the centre to access the appropriate parts of QikKids to manage these cases.
Note the Administrator of your QikKids database will need to action this change since access to the Admin screen is required.


Enable IS functionality in a Centre

To enable the IS functionality in a centre do the following:

  • Click on the Admin screen
  • Edit the centre which is to have IS enabled

  • On the centre details screen, tick the Enable ISS option

  • Click on OK

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This step will enable an ISS/FSF tab against an account as well as present the IS Case Claim screen.
You are now able to manage IS cases within this centre.
If you have multiple centres with IS cases, you will need to action this change for each centre.


Optional IS user controls

In each user profile, Users that need to access the IS Case Claim screen will need to have the following box ticked in their User details area of their profile. Note that this is by default ticked for all Users however can be turned off if required.
To access the User area a QikKids administrator will go to the Admin screen and click on the Users radio button. You can then open each user and tick or untick as appropriate. Note for those clients who have Group profiles set up, you will only need to modify the Group setting, not all individuals.


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If this option is unticked, this user/s will not have access to the IS Case Claims screen. 

Globally hide the IS Case Claims screen

As per most other screens, if for any reason you need to quickly hide the IS Case Claims screen from all users of your database, you can follow these instructions:

  • Go to Tools -> Options
  • Click on Display
  • Tick the Hide IS Case Claims screen

This will mean no users will have access to this screen.
Note that we expect that this option should rarely be used and all control should be done in the centre details screen and against each user.

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