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Processing Compromised Claims


If a user clicks on to the IS Case Claim Screen for the first time since logging in and there are compromised claims, the user will be presented with the following pop up:


When the user clicks on the Show Compromised button they will be presented with a list of all the weeks in which there is a case claim in a compromised status 


In the example above there is a compromised case in the week ending the 14/8/2011. Double click on the compromised case and you will be directed to that specific week in the IS case management console.


The cases which are Compromised will be displayed in Red. Note the user must decide whether or not the case needs to be deleted and processed aggain and thus resubmitted or to simply 'uncompromise' it.

If the case requires resubmission then the user will highlight the case and click the Delete button. Make the changes as required by processing the case again. The case then needs to be resubmitted through the CCSS operations.

If the case does not require resubmission then the user will highlight the case and click the Uncomp (uncompromised) button. The user will be prompted with the following dialogue box.



This will return the case to Black and no further action is required.
If the IS case remains as RED after using the uncompromise IS case process, you will need to:

  1. Delete the IS case claim
  2. Process the IS case with the correct information
This process will occur if:
  1. The sessions have been adjusted after the IS case has been processed
  2. The sessions have been marked after the IS case has been processed
  3. There were errors with the IS case and it has been fully or partially rejected due to the added information.

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