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Creating an Ad Hoc Case Claim

This function is to be used where the centre has been issued with IS or FSF case which is not linked to a specific child. This means there is no IS Booking Pattern to associate with a specific child (CCSS Enrolment)
Steps to create an Ad Hoc case

  • Click on IS Case Claims icon


  • Select the week for which you wish to make the claim by using the calendar function in the top right of this screen. It will automatically select the Sunday date of the week in which you click.


  • Click on Add under the case claims menu. This will display the Process IS Case Claim window.


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  • Select a Service. (The Service option will display the list of centres the user is currently logged into)

  • Select the Approval ID associated with the care within the service selected.

  • Enter the IS Case ID provided by CCCS/ISS

  • Click on the + Symbol. This opens the Add IS case claim dialogue.


  • Select the service provision type you wish to claim hours for against the case.
  • Select the Payment Type appropriate for this case
  • Enter the Claimed Hours for the week
  • Select OK
  • Then link the Additional Educator to the claim as normal

This will return you to the Process IS Case Claim screen where the claim will be displayed. Select OK again and the claim is ready to be submitted to CCMS/CCSS via the CCSS operations screen.




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