How to manage your centre around COVID-19 - Account screen

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How to manage your centre around COVID-19 - Account screen

The account screen will be updated to remove the Gap column as there is no gap to show.


What else do I need to know?

  • Continue creating accounts as normal, including creating the CCS Enrolment and completing the billing tab
  • You may chose to apply charges to accounts outside of the cost of care that will appear as charges to the parent and will be required to be paid. These can be applied via the money button, these articles - Money button and Adding or Editing a Transaction Type will assist with understanding how to use the money button.
  • If an account is in credit and the parent would still like to pay money towards their account to build a credit for after this period you can create a manual charge for processing via the gateway, this article will assist - QikKids Payments - Manual Gateway Payments



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