How do I link my My Family Lounge login for a different Service and Company?

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How do I link my My Family Lounge login for a different Service and Company?

This article will assist you with linking your existing My Family Lounge login to a new Service and a new Company.

This step-by-step guide will assist you with registering your child for the waiting list at a new centre that is linked to a different company from where your child has currently been attending.. This is only for centres that have directed you to My Family Lounge OR you see the My Family Lounge login screen on the Centre's website and you have an existing My Family Lounge login.

This process only needs to be done IF the Service your child will be attending is NOT visible as an option currently eg. Not able to be selected for a Waitlist request or via the Enrolment form.

Step 1 - Register your existing My Family Lounge for the new Service/Company

  • To register an account locate the My Family Lounge login screen on the Childcare Centre's website
  • Press the Sign in button for Existing Families
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You will then be able to switch between the 2 different Companies using the Child Care Company option.

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Step 2 - Adding your details for the new Service/Company
  • Complete your details by entering your relationship to the child, at least 1 phone number and address details.
  • Press Save & Next 
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Step 3 - Add Child Details

  • Tick the box at the top of screen if your child is unborn
  • Otherwise enter the child details as prompted
  • If you wish to advise the centre of something not included in this form, enter this in the Additional Information box
  • Press Save

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Step 4 - Add Waitlist details

  • You are now viewing your My Family Lounge account
  • To add your child to the waiting list go to Booking Requests and press the New Request button
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  • Select the Centre type and Centre name/s
  • Enter your preferred start date and number of days you wish your child to attend
  • Tick your preferred days
  • Tick any days that do not suit you (this is not mandatory)
  • Enter any comments if required and press Save
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The centre will be in contact once a position has been made available and they offer you a place. My Family Lounge - Accepting offers and completing enrolment form



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