How do I flag Preschool Activities?

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The Service is able to flag with CCSS that their Service provides Preschool Activities.
This will assist some families who may not meet the Activity Test for subsidised hours, however if their child attends a Early Education Program at the Service they may be entitled to receive 36hrs of subsidised care over the fortnight.

​If a parent has a Centrelink Claim Outcome letter indicating that their child is entitled to 36 hours of subsidised care for the fortnight, QikKids has created an option to estimate those hours for them.  For CBC services only, in the child's CCS Enrolment the 'Eligible for Early Education Program CCS (36hrs)' checkbox has been added.  Once ticked, QikKids will estimate the child's CCS entitlement based on 36 hours if the number of hours indicated by the child's entitlement record is less than 36. This is an estimation only, the parents will need to be eligible for the 36 hour exemption to receive payment from CCSS.

Flagging Preschool Activities

To setup the Preschool flag for your Service:

  1. Select the Admin Screen
  2. Under Configure select Centres
  3. Highlight the Service name and select Edit
  4. Within the Centre Details screen under Rolls select the required roll name that provides Preschool activities
  5. Select Edit
The Roll Details screen below will then be displayed
  1. Under Preschool tick "Provides Preschool Activities"
  2. Select "Is the preschool component of this roll held offsite, please tick here" if the program is held offsite
  3. Add the estimated hours per day on average are given to the preschool program for this roll. This is entered in Hours:Minutes (hh:mm)
  4. Select OK to save the changes

Note: This is all the Service is required to setup to allow any children with entitled preschool hours to be subsidised by CCSS and it will be applied to the account in arrears when submitted attendances are retrieved from CCSS.

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In the instance where you have some children attending, and some children not attending the Preschool program, on the same roll, you may need to separate these children by creating 2 new rolls so that this information is reported correctly to CCSS. 

Estimating Preschool hours

Once the Preschool flag has been applied to the Roll details no further action is required by the Service.
However you may make the decision on a child by child basis to estimate the Eligible Preschool hours.
To apply the Early Education Program flag per child:

  1. Select the Account name on the Accounts screen
  2. Select the Enrol Tab
  3. Highlight and Edit the CWA Enrolment
The CCS Enrolment screen will be displayed
  1. Eligible for Early Education Program CCS (36hrs) - Select this option to allow the 36hrs per fortnight to be estimated
  2. Update now - This will update and save the selected item
Notes: This will only impact children on 0.00hrs or 24hrs. It is not applied to children who have 36hrs entitled or more as extra hours.

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