How do I create a new Statement Account?

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How do I create a new Statement Account?

You can create a new Statement Account through the Admin screen. This will allow you to have separate charges on the account screen ie. General for Roll Charges and a Bond Tab *to keep *Bond Payments.

To create this new Statement Account:

  • Click on Admin
  • Under Configure Select Accounts
  • If the new Account name isn't available select NEW, if already there i.e. Bonds highlight and click Edit.


If using an Existing Statement Account name highlight the Existing Statement Account and click Edit

  •  Tick the Transaction Types ie. Bond Payment
  •  Select the Default Statement
  •  Select the Account Slip 1
  •  Click OK


Under Configure:

  •  Click on Centres
  •  Highlight the Centre name
  •  Click Edit
  •  Under Statement Account & Banking
  •  Click on NEW

 User-added image

  •  Drop down and select the New Statement Account

User-added image
  •  Select the Required Bank Account

  •  Click OK

  •  Click OK to close the Centre Details Screen

Follow the same procedure as above to Create a NEW Statement account but click on NEW in Admin/Accounts.




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