How do I create a QikKids User?

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All people using QikKids should have their own unique username and secure password as a security measure. This guide will show you how to create a new user within QikKids and allocate appropriate permissions to the software.
The requirement for a user to have a secure password can be set for a database by Setting Mandatory Passwords for Users in QikKids. When this is activated a user that does not have a secure password for their user account will be prompted to create one when they next log in.

Locating Users

Firstly, to create a new User you will need to navigate to the Users page within QikKids.

  • Select the Admin screen
  • Under the Configure area, click on the Users option.

In this section you will see the current users created in your database as per the image below:

User-added image

Creating a password for the Administrator user

If you only have a user called Administrator (which is the default starting user in QikKids), if you do not already have a password associated with this user, your first action should be to create a password for the Administrator account.  To do this:

  1. Select the Administrator user
  2. Select Edit
User-added image
  • You should now be presented with the User details screen for the Administrator user
  • In the New Password field, enter a secure Password
                     Password requirements:
  • be at least 8 characters
  • have 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase letter
  • have a number
  • have 1 special character
  • Re-enter the secure Password in the Confirm Password field. 
  • Click OK
If this User is going to have access to QikKids next an Employee will need to be selected. see: Accessing QikKids next
User-added image

A password has now been created for this user so next time you log in you will be required to enter in not only the user name but also the new password.

Create a new QikKids user

To create a new QikKids user, while on the Users screen, select the New button where you will be presented with the Personnel Wizard User Account screen.

  • Select Create a new user account and Next

User-added image

The User details screen will then appear. Here you will be able to create the new user and allocate appropriate permissions to this user. The below instructions will give you some guidance on creating the new user:

  1. User/Group name - Add in a new user name for this user in the User/Group Name field. This is the name the user will type into the user field when logging in to QikKids. It is recommended that this is the persons full name.
  2. Prevent changes to items older than - Add in the amount of days you would like to give the User permission to change items in arrears
  3. New and Confirm Password - Add in a password for this user. The password should be something that no one can guess.
  4. Profile - Select a profile for this user. Most users should be set up as Standard users which will not allow then to access the Administration screen.
  5. Permissions - Select any permissions as required for this user
  6. Allow Access - select the centres that this user will have access to in your QikKids database
  7. Select OK to save the user and give your user the username and password to use in the future.
User-added image

Creating User Groups

If you have a large number of users and want to create a uniform profile associated with a particular position within the company, you may choose to create user Groups to assist. As an example, You may have a group of Directors and a group of 2IC Directors that you want to have separate user permissions for.  By creating the Groups you can replicate permissions quickly as required, dependent on the users position within your company.

To see information on how to create user Groups, click here How do I create a User Group in QikKids?.

Employees Screen

The Employees screen allows you to create a new Staff member if you are using the Rosters screen or you would like to create an Additional Educator for ISS cases.
If you would not like to create a Staff member or link the User to an IS case claim select No Employee and next
For further assistance see: How do I create or add a new staff member? or Creating Additional Educators - CCSS

  1. No employee - You would not like to create a Staff record for the User
  2. Create a new employee in - Allows you to create a new Staff record per centre as Admin/Relief or Core
  3. Link existing employees - Allows an existing Staff record to be linked to the User (this is required if the User will be accessing QikKids next see: How do I create or add a new staff member?)
  4. Select Next

User-added image

CCMS Roles

This screen is no longer required to be populated.

  1. Select Configure Roles later
  2. Select Next

User-added image

CCSS Roles Tab

  1. Untick Configure roles later
  2. Select the Role type - Day to Day Operations, Service Contact, Educator
  3. Select the Starts Date for CCSS for this Personnel
  4. Provider Level - Select this option if the User has Provider Level access for the Service/s
  5. Tick Applies to all approvals or select the individual Services
  6. Show all services - allows the user to see all services on the database if they will be linked to more than 1 (the user will only be able to see Services they have access to from the User setup)
  7. Click on Next

User-added image

CCSS Providers Screen

This screen allows you to allocate CCSS Provider details.
For further assistance with setting up this information see: CCSS Providers Screen
User-added image

Contact Details Screen

This screen allows you to create further details for the User including:

  • Title, First and last name
  • Contact information
  • CCS - PRODA details
For further assistance with managing CCS Information see: CCSS Personnel
User-added image




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