Family Account Setup Dialog

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Family Account Setup Dialog

Adding and Editing Family Accounts

Click on the Create/Manage button


The Create Account tab is used to enter new families. Certain fields, such as the account name and account contact are compulsory; the remaining fields are optional and can be completed later.



To enter more than 4 children, use the Children tab on the Accounts screen.


Enrolment Wizard

The Enrolment Wizard button is used to enter Child, Parent and Contact information and the child's booking.

Select either Create a New Enrolment, Create a Waitlist Enrolment or Convert a Waitlist Enrolment to New

Enter the Child's details. Mandatory options are noted with an *

Enter the Contacts details. Mandatory options are noted with an *. Once the Primary Contact is complete, A Secondary and Additional Contacts may be added.

The Enquiry Information gives the opportunity to track how the family found the Centre and what their requirements are.

The Enrolments and Permanent Bookings window is used to create a permanent, casual or waiting list booking.

Activating Existing Accounts

Over time, QikKids builds up a history of the families that have attended your service (and other services in your database if you are using a multi-centre version of QikKids). When a family leaves (and they are removed from the Accounts Screen), the system "unlinks" their account from your centre, but their details remain in the database. Rather than creating a new account from scratch, it's necessary to first search and see if a family account is already in the system. If found, click Activate to reactivate the family's account.

This is especially important in multi-centre databases where families can attend more than one centre. Correct CCB calculations require that the system take into account sibling attendances and absences across multiple centres. To do this a single family account should be linked to all the centres they currently use.





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