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Edit Batch Report Schedule


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This dialog is used to configure one report schedule and the report(s) to go with it.

Each report that belongs to this report schedule is individually set up with its own parameters and centres.

All reports belonging to the same report schedule will be run one after another at the scheduled time and be emailed together to the nominated email address(es).

Controls / Fields

Schedule Options


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(Optional) name of your report schedule. If you name it, this is what will appear on the Report Scheduling screen as well as the subject of the email when the reports are emailed.


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Email address(es) to send the reports to. Separate multiple email addresses with ';' or ','.


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  • Private - only the report owner and administrators can edit / delete / restore the report schedule. Other people can see it in read-only mode.

  • Public - anyone who can see report schedules can edit / delete / restore the report schedule.


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The report owner. This defaults to the user who created the report schedule.

Schedule Details


The time at which you want the report schedule to run. You can choose from the pre-set options or type in your own using the hh:mm AM/PM format.

Recurrence Type

There are four recurrence types:

  • Once Off
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    • On - the day you wish the report schedule to run
  • Daily
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    • Every - frequency of days
    • Starting From - the day the report schedule is to start running from
  • Weekly
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    • Every - frequency of weeks
    • On - day of the week (Monday to Sunday)
    • Starting From - the day the report schedule is to start running from
  • Monthly
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    • Every - frequency of months
    • Day - pick one of these two ways to specify the day of the month
      • On day - day of the month (1 to 28)
      • On the - <1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th / last> <Monday to Sunday / day>
    • Starting From - the day the report schedule is to start running from

Report List

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Report Filter

The filter to apply to the reports shown in the report drop-down. This has the normal report filters (eg. <Favourites>, Attendance, Children) as well as an <All> category.


Drop-down list of reports belonging to the current filtered category, in alphabetical order.

This field will auto-complete report names when you start typing them in. This will save scrolling through the drop-down list and is especially useful for categories with lots of reports.


Adds the current report in the report drop-down to the report list.

Multiple reports can also be added together from the Reports Screen by highlighting the reports you want to add and clicking the Addbutton under 'Schedule'.


Removes the currently selected report(s) from the report list.

Report Parameters

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This screen will show you which parameters, if any, need to be configured for the selected report. Any parameters requiring configuration will show Required in the Value column, while those that have been configured will be blue.


Opens up the Batch Reporting Date Parameters screen.

Transaction Types

Opens up the Print Transactions dialog:
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Family Type

Opens up the Report Filter Options dialog:

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This dialog will default to Active Families + Inactive Families, with the date being the report date (left).

Once this has been configured, the dialog will show 'Configured' (right).

The Configure Date button will open up the Batch Reporting Date Parameters screen if a date different to the default (Report Date) is desired.

Report Type

Opens up the Report Type dialog:
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Individual Transactions

Opens up a dialog asking whether you wish the report to show individual transactions:
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Eligible Year

Opens up a dialog asking for the eligible year (only used for the Centre HCC Claim Eligibility report - Pre 2012):

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Retry on Error

When setting up a new report schedule or editing an existing one, the new parameter Retry on Error has been added.  If a report fails to send on first attempt, selecting Yes on this parameter will ensure the Batch Reporter will attempt to send again.

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Report Centres

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Each report in the report list can be configured individually to be run for different centres. This defaults to your currently logged in centres, and only shows the centres that you have access to.

Check All

Ticks all centres in the list.

Uncheck All

Unticks all centres in the list.

Logged In

Ticks only the centres you are currently logged into.




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