Dispensation Tool - Adjusting Attendances for a prior financial year

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Dispensation Tool - Adjusting Attendances for a Prior Financial Year

Any alterations made to attendances in a prior financial year without CCSS Approval may be rejected.


Introduced in July 2017, new restrictions have been placed on attendance submissions in previous financial years.  Now, before cancelling and resubmitting attendances in a previous financial year, a service needs CCSS approval to make changes.  To assist with processing these CCSS approved exemptions on attendances, the Attendance Dispensation Tool has been created

User Permissions and Access
Creating a Dispensation Claim
Dispensation Claim Statuses
Modifying a Dispensation Claim
Closing a Dispensation Claim
Dispensation Claim Errors
CCMS Dispensation Report

User Permissions and Access

There are 2 User Permissions to access the Dispensation Tool
  1. Attendance Dispensation Tool - Gives the User access to the Dispensation Tool Screen
  2. Edit Past F/Y Attendance - Gives the User access to edit attendances for a prior financial year that have been unlocked
These permissions can be applied to the required Users through:
  • Click onto the Admin Screen
  • Under Configure Select Users
  • Highlight and Edit the required Username
  • Tick the permissions
  • Select OK to save
User-added image

Creating a Dispensation Claim

Once the User has access to the Dispensation Tool screen the claim can be created.
To create the Dispensation Claim:
  • Select CCMS/CCSS on the top toolbar
  • Select the option of Attendance Dispensation Tool
  User-added image

You will then see the below screen
Dispensation tool - screen
  • Click onto Add New
  • Select the Exemption Start Date (must not be less than today's date)
  • Select the Exemption End Date (must not be less than Exemption start date)
  • Choose to Unlock the Rolls for the Service or b
  • Select the Roll Entries Start Date (must not fall into the current financial year)
  • Select the Roll Entries End Date (must not be less than Roll entries start date and not fall into the current financial year)
  • Click on Save
Dispensation Tool - Claim


  • The attendances for the selected Roll Entries Dates can now be adjusted and any corrections made on the rolls screen.
  • The adjusted attendances will need to be submitted to CCMS during the Exemption dates for processing.
  • They will be retrieved once CCMS have processed them via the CCMS Operations > Attendances as per normal

Dispensation Claim Statuses

Dispensation Tool- claim statuses

  • Active: If Today's Date >= Exemption Start Date AND Today's Date <= Exemption End Date
  • Closed: If Today's Date > Exemption End Date OR an exemption has been manually closed
  • Future: If Today's Date < Exemption Start Date

Modifying a Dispensation Claim

An Active or Future dispensation can be modified by selecting the Dispensation and clicking on "Edit" button. This should open the Dispensation Details window:

  • Note that all the checks that are performed while first saving the dispensation are performed again when the save button is clicked.

Closing a Dispensation Claim

A dispensation can be closed in the following ways:

  • Manually closing by selecting a dispensation and clicking on "Close Selected Dispensation". This act changes the status of the dispensation to "Closed"
  • By modifying the "Exemption Closed Date" so Today's Date > Exemption Closed Date
  • Automatically by the system upon first login if the System detects that any Active or Future exemption has an Exemption End Date < Today's Date. Note that the dispensations should be CLOSED silently without warning users.

Dispensation Claim Errors

 Roll Screen Error

The Below error will appear if the User is editing attendances for a prior Financial year without an Active Dispensation Claim for that period.
User-added image

Rolls Screen Error:

The Below error appears if attendances for a prior financial year are being edited without the User permission of "Edit Past F/Y Attendance" Ticked for that Username.
User-added image

User access days

The below error appears when the User has the required Dispensation Tool permissions, but insufficient User access days in their QikKids User login.

User-added image

Prompt when logging into QikKids

The below warning displays when logging into QikKids and a Service that has an Active Dispensation Claim
ie. today's date is in the exemption period
User-added image

CCMS Dispensation Report

To be able to view Dispensations this can be found within your reports screen.
  1. Select CCMS/CCSS Report types
  2. Select CCMS Dispensation Form
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