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When you are ready to begin using QikKids you will need to enter the details for your centre. In this section you will provide important details about the operation of your centre including service Service ID's, fees and roll structures. QikKids is licensed by centre; your registration code will determine the number of centres you can operate out of QikKids. To add additional centres or Service ID's, please contact the QikKids Support desk for an updated registration code.

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Controls/Fields > Mandatory 


The name of your centre.


Select an appropriate status for the centre. Choices are:

  • Opening - the centre is taking bookings and enrolments but not yet operational

  • Open - the centre is fully operational

  • Closing - the centre is operational but not accepting new enrolments or bookings

  • Closed - the centre is no longer operating, alterations can be made to existing data and claims lodged

  • Deleted - the centre is no longer available in QikKids. Deleted centres can be re-activate by pressing the Show Hidden button on the admin screen and editing the status.


Street Address Details

The street address (actual location) of the centre.

Mail Address Details

The mailing address for the centre.


Email address for the centre that will display on the Family Statements. This is also used when emailing statements.


The name printed on the bottom of receipts. Can be the director's or co-ordinator's name, or a generic description such as "signed", "Director" or "Co-ordinator".


Primary phone number for the centre.


Australian Business Number for the centre.


The web address of your centre's homepage.

Standard Hours

The standard operational hours for the centre. For Family Day Care this is used to determine which hours are considered standard and non-standard. This should be entered in the format of XX:XXAM or XX:XXPM.

Licensed Places

Enter here the number of licenses places allocated to the service.

CCMS User / CCMS Pwd > When obtained - Note this is only for Services who were operational prior to the 2/7/18

You will require your CCMS username and password after 1/7/18 if you are claiming any Inclusion Support

Enter the CCMS supplied username and password for access to CCMS/CCSS for lodging ISS claims. Each centre in your organisation will have a different CCMS username and password.

You are also required to enter in your CCS Approval IDs and approved start date for each service & caretype. 

Enter PRN(s)

Click to enter the CRNs or Approval IDs used by this centre. There must be a Service ID for either CBC or OSHC care type. See CCSS - Centre setup for CCSS connections

PLEASE NOTE > You can continue with the basic configuration of the service without the CCSS details, however no CCS will be estimated or seen within the service until this information is entered and the services synced with CS portal.


Care Provided

Enter here the appropriate Care provided profile for your service which related to your service. This information will be submitted to CCSS along with your Vacancy data. see: CCSS Care and Vacancies

Cessation of Care

Allows you to enter the Service Level period for the Cessation of Care function. This function will apply when a child ceases care at a service and their last days of attendance at the service had been previously submitted as absences.


Adds, edits and re-activates roll details in the current centre. See Adding and Editing Rolls.


Views, adds, edits and reactivates fees in the current centre. See Adding and Editing Fees.

Statement Account and Banking

Adds and edits Banking account details and links them to Statement Accounts. See Adding and Linking Accounts.


  1. Management > If you operate multiple centres you can group them into "Management Groups" to control access and reporting. Use (..) to create and edit Management Groups.
  2. Enable ISS > Tick this option if you have children attending that receive ISS funding. Refer to ISS Case Management Guide
  3. Allow Auto Charging > Tick this option if you are using the QikKids Transaction Gateway - QikKids Payments or ABA files
  4. Kindy Subsidies > For those services that have activated the Kindy program, click here to enter in the services Kindy ratings and programs.
  5. Cessation of Care > Allows you to enter the Service Level period for the Cessation of Care function. This function will apply when a child ceases care at a service and their last days of attendance at the service had been previously submitted as absences.
  6. Billing Options> This option gives the user access to the Billing Controls

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Controls/Fields > Optional 

  1. Code > If you operate multiple centres you may wish to assign each centre a unique code for reporting purposes

  2. ​Fax > Fax number for the centre

  3. ACN and ABN > Australian Company Number and Australian Business Number for the centre

  4. Min Staff > The minimum amount of staff required to operate the centre.  This information is required if using the Rosters Screen.

  5. Global Levies > The Levies can be created that apply to all accounts in the service.

  6. Statement Signature > Allows the Service to import the Owner or Directors signature to display on the family statements see: How do I import a statement signature?

  7. Centre Logo> This option allows the user to store a logo per centre for their statement. Selecting import will open a file explorer windows which will allow the user to select the image. see How do I add the centre logo to family statements?

                             For the image to appear on the statements the 'Statements' option must be ticked.
                             For the logo to appear on the statement, the Family Account must have their Main centre (General Tab) set to the centre with the logo.     

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The following articles will take you through the next important steps of your Centre Set Up




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