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The online Casual Bookings service offered by QK giving parents the ability to book in for Casual days in your service.

The process of setting up the facility is easy and you should read this guide to understand the system and process.

New families registering

New families will go through the normal registration process for My Family Lounge by clicking on the Register button on your website. This will be done by Inserting the My Family Lounge login feature QK Enrol - user guide on your website:

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The Parent will then be taken through the registration tool where they will complete information on themselves and then information on their child.

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When they reach the Add Child Details screen, they will be asked to select from the options indicated below:

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Option 1:  Request permanent bookings for my child/ren

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This will take the parent to the normal enrolment process where they will request permanent reoccurring days for their child. Once apprpoved by the service the parent will accept the Offer presented and will complete and submit their child enrolment form  to confirm the booking.

Option 2: Making a casual booking 

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This option will take the Parent to the Parent Dashboard where they can immediately complete an enrolment form for their child and look to book the child in for casual days
(Enrolment form MUST be completed and submitted first).


Option 3:  Finish registration without saving information which I just entered.

This option will take them to the Parent dashboard however will not save the child information.

Completing an enrolment form

Where a Parent has selected for their child to be booked for Casual days, they must complete and submit an enrolment form. If they try to immediately create the Casual Booking by clicking on the  + button as described in the next section, they will receive this message asking them to submit an enrolment form where required.

The Parent should then click on the Finish Enrolment button next to their Child's Name, complete the form and submit.  The service will then receive an email notification of this enrolment and the parent will then be able to book in for casual days.

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Booking Children in for Casual Days

Once a child is enrolled at a service, they are able to book in for Casual Days.To do this the parent will click on the + button in the Casual Bookings section of their dashboard.

The parent will then be presented with a screen where they can select the child, service and room that they are looking to book their child into. The parent will only be able to book in to services that they have associated their child with.

Once an appropriate Child Name, Service name and Room name have been selected, the parent will be presented with the following screen:

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By following steps 1 to 6 the parent will be able to book in casual days at the service, which will automatically create casual roll entries in QikKids linked to the standard casual fee schedule.
Step 1. Select Child
Step 2. Select Service
Step 3. Select Room
Step 4. Select Day required
Step 5. Select booked selected day (repeat  step 4 & 5 to book another day)
Step 6. Select Save changes if you want to  book in another child 
Select Save and Exit to finish making a casual booking
N.B. Once the bookings are confirmed they will appear in purple




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