CCSS - How To Apply ACCS for GCCS, TFH or Transition to Work

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CCSS Arrangement Type
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With the commencement of CCSS from 2/7/18, the Service is no longer required to flag all the ACCS funding only Child Well Being.
The ACCS banner covers:
  1. Child Wellbeing
  2. Temporary Financial Hardship
  3. Grandparenting CCS
  4. Transition to Work
The Service is only able to flag ACCS for Child Well Being.
For further assistance with applying Child Well Being see: ACCS Certificates and ACCS Determinations

CCSS Arrangement Type

For the Service to be able to claim the funding for the below ACCS payment types:
  1. Temporary Financial Hardship
  2. Grandparenting CCS
  3. Transition to Work
A CWA with valid DOB's and  CRN numbers for the Guardian are required.
Once the Guardian has applied through the myGov or FAO for GCCB, TFH or TW the service will automatically see the Additional Child Care Subsidy funding appearing on the Account to reduce their out of pocket expense.

An ACCS enrolment type is only to be created for a child with no CRN holder who has been identified as being at risk.

    View Entitlements

    1. Select the Account name on the Accounts Screen
    2. Select the Enrol Tab
    3. Highlight and Edit the CCS Enrolment
    The below screen will then appear
    1. Select View Entitlements
    User-added image
    The ACCS tab will display with the required entitlement
    1. ACCS - 120% for GCCB, TFH, Child Wellbeing

    User-added image
    1. ACCS - 95% for Transition to Work
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