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What kind of Sessions?
Creating Fees
Linking Fees to Rolls
Managing Bookings
Updating CCSS Enrolment notice
CWA Reports


With the CCSS changes and some families subsidised hours altering, some Services are choosing to offer different session of care.
This is a Service decision if you would like to proceed with this option, and if it will assist your families requirements.
Self-Paced Training video for further assistance see: Creating and Managing Fees


The CCS hour entitlements may change your families requirements for accessing care.
  • EG. In a CBC care type or during Vacation care when your Session hours are 12hrs per day they will use their Total bucket amount of hours quicker.
  • For a family on 24hrs over the fortnight if they access care 1 day a week this will use up all their subsidised hours any other days will be charged at the full fee.

What kind of Sessions?

To assist families with remaining in care within their subsidised hours you can look at creating different fees for different total hours.

EG. You may choose to offer multiple sessions at your Service.
  1. 6hr sessions - from eg: 9am-3pm daily
  2. 9hr sessions from eg: 8am-5pm
  3. 10hr sessions from eg: 7am-5pm
  4. 12hr sessions from eg: 6am-6pm

The different session hours can then be applied to children at your discretion to assist with the new CCS entitled hours over a fortnight.
The Different sessions can be applied to the same Roll to make managing Rolls easier.
The Service can also charge the same or different amounts depending on the hours of the session.

Creating Fees

Your existing fees and times need to remain to ensure that your historical information is not altered. You may also choose to continue to use the full day session fees and times.
New fees can be created through:
  1. Select your Admin Screen
  2. Under Configure select Centres
  3. Highlight and Edit your Service name
The below screen will then appear:
  1. Under Fees select NEW
User-added image

The Fee Properties

  1. Fee Name - Add in the name of the fee eg: 6hr session
  2. New - Select New to create the new fee details
  3. Effective - Add in the effective date for the new fee to take effect from
  4. Select the fee type eg: Fixed Session
  5. Subsidy/REG Hours* = add in the total session hours eg - 6hrs
  6. Each Child - Add in the price to be charged
  7. In - Add in the Start Time eg: 9am
  8. Out - Add in the Out Time eg: 3pm
  9. Normal - Tick normal to advise the child attended on the day
  10. Standard Absence - Tick to be able to mark the child as absent (up to 42 days per F/Y)
  11. Additional Absence - tick to be able to mark the child as an additional absence (once the 42 standard days have been used and additional absence reasons applied eg: Medical Certificate)
  12. Cessation of Care - Allows the child to be marked as cessation if they were absent on the first or last days of care (no subsidy entitlements) see: Cessation of Care
  13. Save - Saves the new fee
Note: We recommend thinking about the name of the fee. In the example below we have named the fee the hours of the session to assist with managing attendances on the Rolls.
          Also the Fee codes that are added in our example show the session hours which will also assist with managing attendances.

User-added image

Repeat the process for any other fees/sessions you would like to create.

For further information on creating fees see: Adding and Editing Fees
If your



Linking Fees to Rolls

The new fees need to be linked to the Roll/s that you would like to apply them too.
In the Centre Details screen.

  1. Select the Roll name

  2. Select Edit

User-added image

The Roll Details screen will then display

  1. Fees- Displays all fees created for the Service

  2. Tick the Fee/s that you would like to apply to the roll

  3. OK - Select OK to save the changes

User-added image

For further assistance with linking fees to rolls see: Linking fees to rolls

Managing Bookings

For the children that you would like to apply the shorter session fees to, this can be managed via their Bookings screen.
We recommend as this is a permanent change to:

  1. End the current booking for the last day the current day/fees is going to be applied

  2. Create a NEW booking from the following monday with the new fee/days applied

For further assistance with managing bookings see:How to create Bookings

Updating CCSS Enrolment Notices

To assist with the applied fee information being available for the Guardian to be able to view via the myGov, this can be updated 2 different ways.

  1. Selecting Update now in the CCSS enrolment
  2. Submitting through CCSS Operations > Selecting Enrolments > Submit Enrolment Notices
For further assistance with submitting to CCSS see: Enrolment notices

CWA Reporting

We recommenced seeking advice from the CCMS help desk around the impact on a CWA is a child is regularly attending at times outside their sessions/CWA as you may be expected to change their session to accomodate

  • Your CWA’s should match the session times that you are creating. For example in a CWA you need to define the session times and fee for the child. These session times should be the ones you are creating as fees within your service. An example is your CWA is for a session from 9am to 3pm so you should have a fee to match
  • If a child is to change from a 6 hour session to a 9 hour session at some point, end the booking and create a new booking with the default new fee being the 9 hour session
If you choose you are then able to produce a new CWA agreement for them to sign.
Requirements for new bookings to show on the CWA report:
  1. The CCS Enrolment has been updated to see the new booking pattern
  2. The booking pattern is current
For further information on the CWA report see : CWA Report



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